Video Marketing: How to Make Quality Video Content for Your Business

Video marketing is one of the most popular ways to promote your company in the 21st century. We have videos everywhere, and with the rise of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, it is the only logical step to start using this type of content in advertising.

Creating video content is an incredibly effeсtive method of attracting new people to your website, increasing your conversion rate, and overall promoting your brand. And if people love videos, you should use them in your marketing too.

Now that we know what videos can do for your website let’s look at what you need to do to make this type of content and make it right.

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Find Out Who Your Audience Is

It is not only about how to create videos. You need to know the people you make these videos for. It depends on your business model and services, what kind of videos you need to make.

For example, if you have a fashion store with high-end clothes and your target audience is middle-aged wealthy women, creating viral and controversial video content is not very useful. In contrast, when we talk about teen audiences, do not make educational, academic videos, or if you do, make them entertaining.

So, before starting making content, analyze your audience, what they like, which social media they prefer, and what they would like to see in your videos.

Choose the Platform

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Sometimes it is hard to choose which one of the top video platforms will be the best for your videos. This decision should rely on people’s preferences, and if your target audience prefers Facebook and doesn’t like Instagram, it’s not a great time to make stories.

Of course, among the best video platforms, we recommend you choose those your audience loves first. But it does not mean that you can’t use multiple social media websites to increase your influence and find new customers everywhere. Other websites are just going to be secondary sources of traffic, not the main one.

Also, you can use different platforms to promote your primary one. For example, if your primary platform for video marketing is YouTube, you can use your Instagram and Facebook pages to promote the YouTube channel of yours there.

Analyze Your Success

What works for one business can be a miss for yours. That’s why you need not only to produce the best possible video content but also analyze how it’s been doing online and whether it is worth it for you to continue making videos.

You need to analyze the key video metrics to determine if your videos are a good investment. Look not only at the number of likes and comments but the number of people who watched the whole video, when most of the audience stops watching, etc.

Also, look at the audience’s age, gender, and where they are from to learn if your target audience watches the videos.

With the help of these video metrics, you will be able to conclude what you can do to make videos better, thus attracting more people to your business.

key video metrics

Use Great Equipment

If you start creating marketing videos, it would be better to prepare for this process. To make awesome content for top video services, you need equally fantastic, professional equipment. 

Of course, if you have a very good phone with a fantastic camera, you can use it for shooting. But, even if you don’t have a professional camera, invest in mic, lighting, and other accessories needed to create a high-quality video.

As for a laptop or a PC, here you can’t have compromises. You need to have a computer that can handle video editing software and digital design tools. 

Top Services to Create Video Content

Videos are not only about shooting: that is only half of the process. The real deal comes when you need professional software to edit, convert, add animations, etc.

Here we gathered the list of our favorite services that can help you create just perfect marketing videos.

Video Editors

Let’s start with our favorite video editors. WeVideo is an online video editor that has tons of features, in-built stock content, and a straightforward, intuitive design that even a newbie will understand. WeVideo is perfect for editing marketing videos, and it can make them look professional as heck.

Biteable is a special tool because it is not just an editor: it is an online animation video creator. It helps with creating animated videos to represent any concept or idea you need. It only costs $19 a month but offers just infinite possibilities.

Converters and Transcoders

It is funny how often we get videos in the wrong format, and then we suffer because we can’t use them the way we need. Luckily, now we have an easy and quick video converter that converts videos in a matter of minutes and saves them in HD quality.

Freemake is another great tool that helps you convert videos and movies into any format. It is free, and it is one of the best video converters available online: more than 100 million users of Freemake can confirm that.

The last tool is Handbrake, the multi-platform video transcoder is another tool that allows you to convert videos from and to any format you need. It is an open-source tool, so you will not pay a cent to use it.


Now you have it. You know how to find what you need to write about, for whom you write it, and even what online software or video app you need to use to convert your files.

Video marketing is like Christmas that is all around us: it is inevitable, and we should accept that this is a part of our lives even if we don’t like caroling.

Advertising in video format is not going anywhere any time soon (possibly forever), and if you want your business to be relevant, you must join. Who knows, maybe it will be fun!

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