Vitamins and Minerals that Everyone Needs

In a fast-paced world, diets and nutrition receive very little attention. With fast foods replacing healthy meals, your bodies receive very few essential vitamins and minerals. The lack of these vitamins results in mild to severe health complications. While not everyone can make lifestyle changes, they can take supplements. These easy substitutes give you essential vitamins in a quick pill. There are multiple supplement options in the market, making purchasing a daunting task. Verified companies like Viridian have multivitamin supplements, helping you receive the most for your money. This guide breaks down which vitamins you should look for and when. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a natural vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium from various sources like milk and sunlight. Calcium is crucial in healthy bone development and formation. Contrary to popular belief, adults need Vitamin D just like children. Calcium is integral for normal impulse conduction in nerves as well. 

Many believe that standing under the sun can help you receive more Vitamin D. This myth finds its root in the vitamin needing sunlight to absorb calcium. 

Taking supplements for Vitamin D can help remedy bone pain. Signs of a deficiency include knee and shin pain. 


Your work cultures promote high-stress levels, and zinc reaches dangerously low levels in people dealing with stress. Older people also present with relatively low zinc levels. 

It is an essential mineral that helps the body use carbs, fats and proteins for energy. Moreover, zinc also assists the immune system in fighting off infections. 

If seafood and spinach aren’t a regular part of your diet, consider purchasing zinc supplements. 


While most people receive iron from multiple sources, their bodies use copious amounts of this mineral. Typically, one doesn’t need iron supplements unless their red blood count is affected due to disease. 

Iron gives you more energy (due to more oxygen reaching organs) and improves brain function. 

This mineral is present in most multivitamin blends, such as those manufactured by Viridian. 

Folic Acid

Folate is a vitamin with multiple applications. Folic acid supplements help women around the world feel and look their best. 

Folic Acid is crucial in aiding nail growth and reducing swelling or inflammation. Moreover, it also helps fight depression, keeping people happier. 

Expecting women should take 400-600mg of Folic Acid regularly as it aids in fetal development and birth complication prevention. Brands like Viridian also offer Pregnancy complexes that help mothers receive all necessary vitamins through one pill. 

Vitamin B-12

This vitamin is a factory gunning to break down all macronutrients that are consumed. Essentially, B-12 is integral to gaining the most nutrition from digested foods. 

This vitamin keeps nerve and blood cells healthy, making them especially crucial since nerve cells cannot replicate. 

B-12 plays an integral role in DNA replication and genetic material synthesis. Vegans are prone to Vitamin B-12 deficiencies since the food sources are meat and poultry. Worry not because manufacturers offer vegan supplements to help you stay healthy. 


This essential mineral can help reduce stress levels and aid in sleep disorders. Moreover, it promotes bone development and health. It balances blood sugar levels and regulates muscle and nerve function. With such wide applications, the body is helpless without sufficient magnesium. 

Over 40-60% of adults are magnesium deficient because the mineral’s sources are healthy foods like soybeans, spinach, and artichoke, which are not part of most people’s diet. 


Multivitamin blends and minerals in excess could interfere with a few medications. Always consult a medical expert before purchasing vitamins. 

Read labels carefully, and never exceed the recommended dosage per day. While some vitamins are excreted through urine, others are hoarded in the body and having them in excess can be detrimental. 

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