VLSI Training and Placement Program

VLSI is a means by which an integrated circuit is created by integrating millions of transistors into a single chip. This design has become the most common field of electronics and is used in various electrical equipment such as computer peripherals, mobile phones, satellites, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, and set-top boxes, etc. All applicants who wish to pursue a career in the VLSI field, QSOCS is a VLSI design training in Bangalore that offers a training program in VLSI technologies, designed to meet the contemporary demands of the sector. Their course on VLSI technologies has trained candidates in various areas of chip design.

VLSI Training Course is the right mix of classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and workplace dynamics. Candidates take this training through classroom instruction and practical courses in the initial training program, followed by industry-oriented projects in the following training program. Upon successful completion of the training program, candidate acquires competence and workability in various areas of VLSI’s logical and physical design. The entire VLSI training program is designed so that candidates understand the concepts and get a good overview of the design requirements.

VLSI design course describes ASIC and FPGA design workflows and trains engineers in VLSI, CMOS, VHDL, Verilog and System Verilog design methodologies.

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The Goal of the VLSI physical design training in Bangalore:

Below are some goals of VLSI physical design training in Bangalore:

  • Outline the fundamentals of VLSI, ASIC / FPGA design.
  • Understand the characteristics of CMOS circuit construction.
  • Experience in designing integrated circuits using CAD tools.
  • Analyze the basic elements of large-scale digital integrated circuits.
  • Participate in the design of functional units such as adders, multipliers, ROMs and SRAMs.

VLSI applications

Some of the areas of research and development in which VLSI is used include:

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  • System specifications
  • Design and partitioning
  • High-performance computer and communication systems
  • Neutral networks
  • Integration at platelet level
  • Multi-module systems

Scope of VLSI

In recent years, the demand for chip-based products for consumer electronics, medical electronics, communications, aerospace, computing, and many other sectors has grown significantly. Faced with this phenomenal market demand, more and more chip design companies have created their units in India and are in search of Indian talent. In addition, many of India’s leading IT companies have also made significant progress in designing application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

As the design and manufacturing market (both nationally and internationally) is expanding, the demand for qualified professionals is increasing, which will boost the technical workforce in the VLSI field.

VLSI Training Process

There are many Institute which provides students with a complete understanding of ASIC and FPGA design processes. VLSI training process has been designed with the current requirements of the semiconductor industry in mind. VLSI trainers, focus primarily on ASICs, train VLSI students in front-end design and ASIC verification techniques. At the good Institute, VLSI students will learn all the skills they need to find a job in world-class companies, but also to build a long and successful career in ASIC and FPGA design. So, get yourself enrolled for the course now!

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