Warhammer 40k: Darktide — Finest Ogryn Skullbreaker Feats

There are a lot of superior causes that Warhammer 40k: Darktide players who complain about Ogryn Skullbreakers are most normally achieved with the text “talent issue”. Their ungainly sizing brings with it a ton of utility if they are toting the ideal Feats for the occupation and suitable weaponry.

The Skullbreaker isn’t fantastic at killing elites until from afar with the Grenadier Gauntlet or Rumbler, but below most circumstances, it truly is far more than ready to speedily and competently obvious out waves of enemies without having using as well significantly hurt to their wellness pool.

Bull Hurry, the Skullbreaker’s energetic ability, permits the class to cost forward and knock down enemies in its route. Numerous of its Feats have an impact on Bull Rush in one particular way or an additional, further emphasizing its relevance. Nevertheless, several feats also grant survivability, as effectively, so you’ve bought to be knowledgeable of what is actually offered and what it does for an helpful create.

These are what I think about the greatest Feats for Skullbreaker, primarily based on the above 100 several hours of playtime I have racked up participating in as Darktide‘s resident big boys.

Most effective Ogryn Skullbreaker Feats in Darktide

Stage 5 Feats

The Feat you should really pick out for the Degree 5 tier will count on your melee weapon’s moveset. If the initial parts (or entirety) of your melee weapon’s significant combo is solitary-target, go with Smash ‘Em Excellent!Multi-hit as a substitute? Go with Ideal Form of Defense.

  • Smash ‘Em Superior! — Replenish 20% Toughness on solitary enemy major melee strike.
  • Ideal Sort of Defense — Replenish 20% Toughness on hitting multiple enemies with a single major melee assault.

These Feats do not have an impact on your speedy click gentle attacks.

Level 10 Feats

Heavyweight is most valuable if you happen to be exhausted of getting torn up by Reapers on Heresy. Which is quite much it.

Blood & Thunder is the large winner on this tier, for the reason that of its synergy with  Bloodthirst at stage 20. Be aware once more, this is for a large (charged) hit.

  • Blood & Thunder — +1 Bleed stack on weighty melee hit.

Stage 15 Feats

Lead the Demand might sound wonderful, but the sheer usefulness of Bullfighter usurps it entirely. This is especially the circumstance on higher problems, as elites occur in too much to handle quantities.

  • Bullfighter — -10% Bull Rush cooldown when you or an ally in coherency get rid of an elite enemy.

Amount 20 Feats

This is the tier exactly where Blood & Thunder starts to be definitely efficient, simply because of Bloodthirst’s synergy with it. Tricky as Nails can essentially be valuable on Heresy and Damnation, but depends on the other members of your strike workforce to fall ahead of you do in buy to be powerful. Obviously this is not perfect.

Bloodthirst is just an all-around great Feat as long as you are working Blood & Thunder.

  • Bloodthirst — +10% destruction resistance for every bleeding enemy in melee array. Stacks 5 occasions.

Degree 25 Feats

All a few of these Feats are really good, and I’d probably suggest any a person of them depending on your most popular melee weapon and playstyle. But amongst the 3, Payback Time and Raging Bull are the a lot more conventionally efficient.

Payback Time is far more practical for a far more ranged playstyle as it permits you to do additional hurt to ranged specials if they hit you, whilst Raging Bull is much more helpful for a melee playstyle.

  • Payback Time — When an enemy damages you, attain +20% damage in opposition to enemies of the very same type for 5 seconds.
  • Raging Bull — +5 hurt (next melee hit) on melee strike for every single enemy strike with the first assault.

Stage 30 Feats

It can be tough to decide involving these Feats due to the fact their success isn’t really readily clear, and I’m not sure which to say is the best in action. 

Bull Gore receives all those bleed stacks up for Bloodthirst, but it cannot generally be relied on to raise your stacks often simply because you will not always be in melee assortment of enemies hit with Bull Hurry to acquire the damage reduction on bleed stack.

Unstoppable is extremely practical at higher issues wherever you run into hallways stuffed with Crushers. It also enables you to rush far more effortlessly to the side of allies that will need to be revived or if not aided, but it does need a transform in playstyle to make the most of. It can also do extra damage than excellent if you discover yourself too deep in swathes of enemies.

Non-Prevent Violence is the purely defensive selection, producing Bull Rush best utilized following you’ve got taken a large amount of Toughness injury. This is one thing you almost certainly end up accomplishing in any case, making Non-Prevent Violence the most evident protected choice.

  • Bull Gore — +2 Bleed stacks on enemies strike by Bull Rush.
  • Unstoppable — Boosts the length you travel with Bull Rush by 100% and you can’t be blocked by enemies apart from Monstrosities.
  • Non-Prevent Violence — Replenish 10% Toughness for every Bull Rush strike.

Your mileage may range with this advice, and your playstyle may perhaps guide you to unique Feats. Nevertheless, these are all things to bear in brain when deciding on your Feat loadout ahead of hopping into a mission and ideally this has offered you some insight into the Skullbreaker playstyle in Darktide. If you identified this guideline handy, choose a appear at our complete Ogryn strategies guidebook or one particular of our many other Darktide guides.

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