Warhammer 40k: Darktide — How to Reroll Benefits

The latest Warhammer 40k: Darktide update has introduced with it the new Refine Merchandise attribute at the Shrine of the Omnissiah. In genuine gaming conditions, this is Perk rerolling. But of system, with Darktide remaining a 40k sport, it cannot just be an intuitive and participant-helpful approach. 

So let us delve into the new Refine Product operate and how it will work, mainly because any and all Rejects are going to be paying out some time hitting that Refine button.

How to Refine Merchandise in Darktide

Refining / Rerolling Blessings is in which the fun of optimizing your builds definitely kicks in, but rerolling Perks will have to do for now. Head above to the Shrine of the Omnissiah to bother Hadron Omega-7-7 and get ready for some frustration. Except if, of course, you get extremely lucky from the begin.

You can only reroll a one Perk on a weapon or Curio. When you pick out a Perk to refine, the others are locked in and cannot be altered. Choose wisely.

Refinement Expenditures

Each and every tier of weapon or Curio has a base refinement charge, and each individual refinement reroll lowers that foundation charge. The far more you reroll a one Perk, the significantly less it charges. It stings a little bit a lot less, but the procedure is even now high priced in both Diamantine and Plasteel if you get especially unlucky.

  • The foundation expense to refine Anointed (blue) gear is 55 Plasteel.
  • The foundation value to refine Exalted (purple) gear is 10 Diamantine and 65 Plasteel.
  • The base cost to refine Transcendant (orange) gear is 25 Diamantine and 75 Plasteel.

How to Discern Perk Tiers

Just about each Perk has different tiers, while some can be static and established to a single tier. To notify at which tier a Perk is, you require only to glance at the diamond-shaped icons to the remaining of the Perk.

At the time of creating (December 2022), this only goes up to Tier 4 for Benefits. Also, I have not found just about anything decreased than Tier 3 on my degree 30 Skullbreaker, but gear received at reduce levels does have reduced tier perks.

You may possibly see that Curio Blessings are marked with what seems to be 5 diamonds, just the middle (fifth) just one has been laid more than the some others. It is really really doable this will be the long term mark for Tier 5 Benefits, while these are yet to be carried out and for now this indicator is meaningless and only on Blessings.

It can be likely to be some time till the Re-Bless and Get paid Blessing alternatives are extra to Darktide, which will be significantly far more impactful than Perk refinement. But rerolling Perks is just what is essential to deal with Curios that could be ideal, if not for that pesky +Experience Perk.

That is it on how to reroll / refine Perks in Darktide, which is just as RNG-weighty as the rest of the gear development process. Check out our other Darktide guides for a lot more strategies.

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