What if Rings of Power’s Sauron is that jacked-up sword?

The largest mystery in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Electric power considering that the show’s to start with episode has been the id of Sauron. We know that the future Darkish Lord of the rings has the capacity to shapeshift in the time period the Key Video collection is set, and Galadriel has been relentlessly on the hunt for him from the start off of the present.

Some sturdy candidates have emerged (and some fewer robust) in the early episodes, but right after the fourth episode of the show, “The Fantastic Wave,” it’s time to check out a a little extra out-there idea.

What if Sauron is that messed-up sword?

Tyroe Muhafidin (Theo), a young boy, stares at a messed-up looking sword that he’s holding

Picture: Ben Rothstein/Prime Movie

Theo, a human kid who is the son of Bronwyn, uncovered a cursed blade in a barn a handful of episodes back again, and has been captivated by it ever because. Could that be the respond to?

It could appear to be not likely, taking into consideration how lots of mysterious folks the present has thrust in our faces as likely Saurons, but there is precedence for imbuing electric power into objects in this environment (just see the title of the exhibit).

And that sword is genuinely messed up. In the beginning just a damaged hilt, it extends into a complete sword when it attaches itself to Theo’s arm. It usually takes a toll, far too — we can see the mark it has still left on his arm (and the arm of a former holder, as Theo discovers in the show’s fourth episode). The show’s interest in people drawn to evil (as made consistently clear by how the elves communicate about the war towards Morgoth) could assist this idea, although it’s unclear exactly what the allure of the sword is to Theo or other human beings.

But let us enjoy this out. Say the sword is Sauron, and in an attempt to retain power and relevancy while remaining securely out of the crosshairs of individuals searching him down, he imbued himself into a cursed item. Now Theo has bonded with the sword. That could make him both a clear-cut servant of Sauron, pushing him to realize whatever plans necessary to carry the Darkish Lord back. But an alternative could be that the sword itself placed Sauron’s electricity within Theo, steadily changing the baby with Sauron himself. Or probably Theo will be evidence of the possibility that humans can resist evil impulses, even with what the elves assume. We’ll have to wait around and see how that develops, but a person detail is for certain: which is a person fucked-up sword.

Examining in with the other Sauron candidates

Halbrand raising his mug with people out of focus raising their mugs around him

Picture: Matt Grace/Key Online video

If you’re a person who’s still banking on Sauron currently being the Stranger, it was a harfoot-a lot less (and giant-considerably less) episode this 7 days, so no news there.

But it was a solid week for the “Halbrand is Sauron” crowd, as he continuously provides mysteriously veiled strains that recommend he is familiar with additional than he’s permitting on (and that he’s making an attempt to manipulate Galadriel, one thing that grew to become even additional abundantly crystal clear as he described to freaking Galadriel how to manipulate persons). There was also the voice-about from Queen Regent Míriel that prompt evil was previously close to Númenor — even though the digicam lingered on Halbrand.

The elven orc chief Adar also had a outstanding episode, telling Arondir about how significantly he does not know about the environment and managing to be charismatically menacing while executing so. To us, it appears to be more most likely he performs for Sauron, but you by no means know. If Galadriel demands to be taught how to assert her influence by a human a lot of decades her junior, anything at all is possible with this display.

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