What is Gynecomastia and Information Related to it?


Gynecomastia is a condition in which the breast tissue of men increases in size excessively, this condition is commonly caused by hormonal changes suffered by men from childhood to adolescence and later to adulthood, but also it can be generated by prolonged use of certain medications or hormones.

Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, sometimes causing pain, but especially discomfort and shame for the men who suffer from it; and although on certain occasions it disappears on its own, it is also treated with medication or corrective surgery.

Gynecomastia restorative surgery includes the expulsion of the organ through a little cut in the areola or expelling fat with liposuction or in any event, consolidating the two strategies with neighborhood anesthesia and sedation. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Punjab for the most part keeps going a little more than 60 minutes.


How gynecomastia restorative surgery is performed?

A plastic and restorative specialist plays out the gynecomastia activity in a medical clinic or facility in India. The gynecomastia technique can differ contingent upon whether glandular overabundance is the essential driver of man boobs, wherein case it must be evacuated with a surgical blade whether pursued by liposuction.

The cut that starts the gynecomastia activity is made on the edge of the areola by expelling overabundance glandular tissue, fat and abundance skin. On the off chance that during the gynecomastia activity liposuction is utilized to expel overabundance fat, the cannula is generally embedded through the current entry points.

Gynecomastia Treatment

For the fix of gynecomastia is the resection surgery of the mammary organ. A cut is utilized that comes the lower edge of the areola limit, this enables the glandular part to be expelled from the gynecomastia. A few patients have a fat segment for which the utilization of liposuction is utilized, that is the desire of fat by methods for dainty cannulas and a suction gadget; this involves 2 little cuts in the lower some portion of the organ, of roughly 2 millimeters. The goal mechanical assembly is utilized together with the cannulas and this permits the overabundance of fat around the organ to be acquired. The outcomes are exceptionally dependable and give the patient much fulfillment.

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Candidates for the operation

Patients who are candidates for gynecomastia cure are patients who are in good health, who have a normal body mass index (within 27 indexes they can be considered as good candidates for this type of surgery).

Possible side effects and risks

The side effects or risks of this type of surgery can be divided into what is the scar that can form around the complex, the areola and nipple, which can sometimes be a noticeable scar that can eventually fade on the other hand, There may be alterations in the sensitivity of the skin around the nipple, which may produce some decreased or increased sensitivity, also of a temporary nature, all this disappears over time.

Some patients complain of pain that may persist during the first month, which also disappears later. As complications the main one of all is the accumulation of blood below the skin that consists of a hematoma, this is prevented with the use of drains, but it is really something very rare.

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