What is MAP Testing? Is it an IQ Test?

Every student has a unique learning pace. It’s true that learning cannot be forced and you have to provide children to learn at their preferred pace. Because every mind is different and works uniquely, so one uniform method of teaching might not work for every student. 


But it is not possible to teach in solitary setups. And that is why we need smart testing methods that can highlight both a child’s abilities and the requirements from the teaching methodologies.


A few decades back, learning problems were often ignored and the low scoring students were  neglected under the garb that the particular students were not paying attention to their studies.  But that is not the case anymore.


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Parents and teachers now understand the importance of customized lessons. With more research in child psychology, it has been revealed that children react differently to different teaching methods. But how do you know which is the right option for your child?


MAP – Measurement of Academic Progress


A MAP test is a solution here. MAP test or Measurement of Academic Progress reveals how a child is doing at school. Now, you might wonder what’s different about this test. Well, MAP is an adaptive test that identifies both struggling and gifted students and helps teachers and educators make crucial academic decisions. 


It is not an average test that examines a student based on their knowledge of a particular subject or how much they know about it. It is an exam that holistically tests what and how well the student has learned in their current grade. MAP is also used to assess if a student is ready for the upcoming topics.


The test mainly comprises four sections – Reading, Science, Language, and Mathematics. But there is no fixed level of difficulty in the exam. This means that the child will be asked a series of questions with progressive difficulty. So the questions, in the beginning, will be easy. But as the students keep answering correctly, the difficulty level changes and might increase. 


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However, if they answer incorrectly, the level of difficulty decreases. This test does not have an elimination process. The purpose of this test is different. 


MAP Test Highlights both Academic Strength and Weaknesses


The test is scored on the RIT or Rasch Unit Scale depending on the right and wrong answers that the student has given. However, this score is only a point of reference. The scores only bring us to the next question: Why should one give this test? 


This test sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of the students. There have been many cases when students in college couldn’t solve fundamental mathematical problems and the MAP test helps in eliminating such problems with the education system. 


IS MAP an IQ Test?


Does MAP test a child’s IQ? There is a vast misconception that MAP is used to find out a child’s IQ. But this is wrong. All MAP does is find out how much of what is taught to students is actually being grasped. It helps parents and teachers find out if the child is adapting to the teaching methods in their current grade. 


Through the series of questions of Reading, Language Usage, Science, and Mathematics, a good analysis of their understanding of the concepts is revealed. Based on the scores of these tests, changes in the curriculum or teaching methods can be made. 


Sometimes this test can also identify learning problems. Children with learning issues suffer a lot if they are not identified and supported with enrichment and special programs. That is why tests like MAP help parents understand what is going on in school and to plan proper support for their children. 


In the pandemic, the loss of physical learning spaces has further been detrimental to the progress of many students. Adjusting to the online mode has had its own set of challenges. That is why now more than ever, students need to give MAP. This computerized test can provide teachers and parents with excellent clarity. 


So, now that you understand what is MAP and what it is not, what are you waiting for? Prepare your child for the MAP test and get their actual report card today! This test will surely help you gauge where your child stands and what improvements can be made further.

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