The intent behind wearing sunglasses is to protect one’s eyes against the harsh sunbeams. For some people, it could also mean a fashion statement. They must look good but also serve the purpose of shielding and being versatile. Sunglasses are costly and replacing them often is not feasible. 

So when we make an investment, make sure that it is dexterous and wise. They should protect our eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the run. The highest UV protection available in the market is 400. 

They block out 99-100% of the sun, offering excess protection. Poor quality sunglasses do not offer much protection. Excess sun exposure creates the probability of contracting macular degeneration, cataracts, and photokeratitis. 

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Yes. Polarised glasses are also exceedingly helpful, however, they do not provide mass protection against UV rays. They might be able to get you through a sunny day at the beach. UV glasses are a more superior choice owing to their nature of protection. 

Polarised glasses are made of a special filter designed to block the glare. It is ideal to evade intense glares caused by water sports or winter activities such as ice skating. They manifest amplified vision and avoid blinding moments, thus helping people navigate in these tricky situations. 

Polarised glasses can also come with UV protection. If you are looking to buy a pair that offers the best of both worlds, invest in polarised glasses with UV protection of over 400. These will serve an overarching purpose. 


Every year, thousands of Americans suffer from skin diseases due to their exposed ozone layer. The ultraviolet rays are exceedingly harmful to a person’s skin and eyes. Continuous exposure will pave the way for more diseases over time. 

If people do not resort to careful measures from the beginning, it might cost them later. Our eyes are extremely delicate and cannot endure significant damage for a long time. Hence, being vigilant pays off. Children face these risks more than adults because they spend more time outdoors, without any care for protection. 

UV rays penetrating into the eyes can have detrimental consequences. It is definitive that one must start heeding these details early on in their lives to maintain good eye health till the end of time. Consult an eye doctor if you need to, but invest in a pair of potent UV protective glasses. 


This is a question that leaves most people ruminating. Individuals who visit a sunglass store can often be carried away by a brand’s design or its pedigree. Plus, people have their favorites. But barring those factors, it is essential to put one’s safety needs above all. Tinted glasses are not the equivalent of UV protection. 

Also, do not fall for the salespeople making false promises. Do your own research, speak to a doctor and read about the pair that you might consider buying. Opticians can run free tests for UV glasses and ease your life. Hallowed retailers provide the exact protection count and do not dupe their customers. However, protection does not always mean monotonous.


There are numerous market players who offer both: looks and protection. You just need to do a little more research and find the ideal pair. 

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