What Steps To Cut Your Zeon Zoysia During The Spring Season?

Spring is the season of new beginning and growth. It is the best time to tend to your lawn as in the coming days the grass will grow perfectly. But you have to be careful because the wrong technique and tools can ruin it all.

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Steps To Cut Your Zeon Zoysia In The Spring Season

There are several steps that you need to take when you want to trim the Zeon Zoysia. The right techniques can make a difference because sometimes the wrong way for cutting could destroy the whole lawn.

Thorough Inspection Of The Lawn

The very first step that you must take is to inspect the whole lawn. This must be done before the spring season starts. At times the lawn doesn’t need any maintaining at the time. You have to keep a check and see the signs.

Wait till The Zeon Zoysia Is Fully Developed

Different variety of sod grass takes various time durations to fully develop and it is harmful to the Zeon Zoysia sod grass to be cut prematurely. If the sod is not grown till the required height then don’t bother to cut it. Wait until the sod is grown.

Clear The Lawn Of Debris

When you have noticed that the grass has now reached the desired height; you can start the preparation. The initial thing to do is clear all of the debris that has collected on the lawn. This includes pebbles, fallen leaves, dead animals and other waste materials.

Make Sure The Mower Blade Is Sharp

Of many things that can damage the Zeon Zoysia sod that you ordered from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms; the blunt blade of the mower is the most dangerous of all. The leaves of the grass will not cut evenly or can remain uncut; which can cause the sod to turn brown. So make sure that the blade of the mower is very sharp.

The Sod Grass Should Reach The Right Height

Proper mowing can’t be done when the Zeon Zoysia in Georgia is very short. The most appropriate mowing height of the sod is 2 inches. But sometimes it can be cut when it reaches 1 inch.

Get Help From Professionals

The installation team that you hired; have the experience and skills to help with the lawn maintenance as well. They know which time is right for cutting the grass and what precautions to take during the procedure. You get guidance from them and afterwards follow the rules to cut yourself.

Beware Of The Timing Of Watering

There is one rule that you should never forget about cutting the grass is not to water the sod immediately after the mowing. But no definite order is there watering before. You can water the grass as per the schedule but not after the cutting.

Follow The Instructions Of The Sod Grass

For the best results you have to follow the rules that are set by the manufacturers. There are some qualities that are common in all sods of all suppliers. But there are a few specialties that are exclusive to individual suppliers. Paying attention to them is vital.

Keep An Eye On When To Fertilize

Sod grass is not like the ordinary counterpart; they don’t need fertilizer as much as the ordinary grass. The instructions on fertilizing are mentioned by the installers and on the manual that you receive.

Avoid Unnecessary Cutting Off The Grass

At times there is no need to cut the Zeon Zoysia every week. You can keep a watch on the growth of the grass. Avoid unnecessary cutting of the sod grass to avert the damage to the beautiful lawn.

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