What to Know When Starting Heavy Gym Workout

Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, a workout won’t have much impact if you don’t know what you are doing. All your workouts and complete routine have to be planned and must be followed according to a sequence. You can even end up injuring yourself if you are not careful. This article has discussed everything you should know when starting heavy gym workouts. 


Always Start with a Warm-Up

It’s important to let your muscles loosen up a little before you put pressure on them. Lifting a heavyweight without warming up can injure your muscles. You will be able to lift more easily when you have prepared your body first. A warm-up should not be limited to just one body part. Do a little jumping, some running, and stretch your arms and legs before you get started. 


Gradually Increase Weight

Don’t be hasty in lifting heavyweights. You should start with something that you can easily lift. Let your muscles prepare for the stress you are putting on them. Gradually increase the plates according to your strength. You have to keep pushing your limits every day to be able to get results. However, make sure your body is ready for it and you have someone readily available to help you. 


Use CBD for Pain Relief

Every athlete should know all about CBD. It is called a wonder drug, and that is for a good reason. You should invest in CBD oil and its other edible forms as it has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s great in relieving pain. It also helps muscles heal faster and get stronger. You should also learn about the benefits of CBD gummies and always keep them with you. They are easy to carry and eat and you will notice how they help you achieve your dream body. 


Limit the Workout to 45 Minutes

You should try to get done with your workout within 45 minutes. This might sound like a short time, but this is more than enough to push your body to its limits. Any workout after you are exhausted will only burden your body and won’t offer any results. You are also more likely to get injured when you are out of energy. Try to keep your breaks to a minimum and as short as possible to save time. 


Take At Least One Day Off Every Week

Going to the gym seven days a week without break is not going to help you build your dream body faster. Just exercising is not enough; you also need to give your body some time to absorb those changes and heal. You should take at least one day off every week. Some even take two days off so their body can rest properly. 


Diet is Half the Workout

No amount of workout is enough if you don’t follow a healthy diet. Make sure you talk to your dietician or trainer about the type of diet you need. They will discuss your health conditions and body goals before writing a diet plan. Remember, it’s easier to do 100% of something than doing its 90% – follow your diet religiously. 

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