What To Wear To Your Best Friend’s Winter Wedding?

Selecting dresses for any party falling in winter can be a bit tricky. And, wearing the same wedding outfit that you wore to a summer nuptial would not be practical option at all. Winter wedding is indeed a different affair altogether.

Here, keeping the balance between comfort and style becomes a level more important, as you will not want to shiver wearing an extra flashy outfit. You need to keep yourself warm and stylish at the same time. So, what really makes a perfect outfit for a wedding falling on a frosty season? Have a glance below for the fashion insight!

All-Black Everything

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If you are going to attend a formal wedding, then an overall black dress can fit right to that. You can also wear a bolero to look chic and feel warm as well.

To make your all-black look more appealing and graceful, you can opt for a fancy lace-y dress teamed up with high heels. Add some sparkly silver jewelry for putting an extra dash of liveliness to an otherwise plain dress.

Wear Velvet

The lustrous smoothness of velvet can add an extra class and sassiness to your personality. Plus, its fabric keeps one all cozy in the chilly weather.  Choose a gown with floor length with a plunging V-neck line. Match it with beads earrings and sexy metallic heels.

Keep the sleeves long, so that you do not feel cold. Velvet gowns look best in the dark hues like maroon, dark green, red, royal blue and midnight blue. Go for a messy hair bun for a perfect overall look.

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Sparkle With Sequins On

Sequin makes a perfect and imperial wedding dress choice for the guests. You can either choose a full sequin dress or one with a little bit of sequin work. Both will make you shine at the event just like the sparkly sequins. A red and gold sequin dress would be a perfect choice. Look for a floor length sparkly dress, as it offers ultra-stylish and trendy appearance.

Wear minimal accessories to let the sequin take the center stage. Long sleeves are suggested for the winter wedding, but if you liked a dress with no sleeve, then you can carry a cape or a bolero for the warmth.

Sheer-Panel Gowns

Sheer panels have always been my favorite whenever I have to attend a special occasion. It can make you look jaw-dropping-beautiful with a perfect feminine look. This dress will allow you to look sexy without exposing much of your skin.

Look for a white, peach, or ultra-violet cocktail dress with sheer panels and pair it with dainty jewelry. Put loose curls on your hair and go for a pair of stilettos to let your personality speak class and glamour.

These were some of the prettiest dress options for a wedding guest. Wear your favorite style of wedding dress for guests, and rock the party with your unmatched persona. Buying these dresses is extremely easy. Go to a trusted clothing store online, browse its collection and buy what you like.

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