Why do you think hair- cut and proper care of hair is important?

The moment you meet a person for the first time hair happens to create a lasting impression. Would it be dark or curly hair? This is what you are going to notice about people as hair outlines the overall personality of an individual. This same logic applies in case of women. A shinny and silky hair leaves a lasting impression among others. For this reason you need to follow a proper hair regime and this includes hair – cuts. It is also suggested that you stick to the use of shampoo ketomac as issues of dandruff are dealt with.

Taking good care of hair keeps it healthy and prevents excessive damage that can lead to hair loss. Do not fall into the trap of using products that are advertised by famous personnel. To have a proper and healthy hair you need to take proper care of your hair. At the same time a routine visit to a hair care specialist would ensure proper upkeep of your hair.

Trimming of hair

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People tend to over emphasize this aspect. But this could be a myth even. If you go on to trim or even cut your hair it is expected to grow at 1.3 mm every month. Genes, diet and hormones have a huge role in outlining the reasons for hair growth.

Though the main reason for hair trimming would be to ensure a healthy hair. In fact the main enemy of unhealthy hair is split ends. Not only it makes you hair unhealthy but gives it a look of neglect. Split ends tend to arise when you tend to the use of hair styling products and even combing with the aid of hair brushes. It makes sense to trim your hair once in 4 to 6 weeks and in case if you are planning to grow your hair it is better to trim it in 8 weeks

The concept of hair- cuts does not depend on time, but how fast it is growing to grow back. The key to have a proper hair cut would be to outline the hair growth as per the shape of your face. Apart from haircuts regular trimming of hair is important to ensure proper health of your hair

Choice of a proper shampoo

Always use a shampoo as per the hair type. The name of the shampoo that comes to the mind is keto dandruff shampoo. In case if you are having issues with hair loss it is always better to use baby shampoos that do not have harsh chemicals. For proper care of the hair follow hair washing tips.

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In a nutshell you might use a proper hair shampoo and follow a routine hair care regime, but gentle handling of the hair is important. With hair it can be damaged by excessive brushing and as far as possible comb your hair in a gentle manner. Use a suitable comb and do not commit the mistake of combing wet hair.

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