Why Is Bicycle Insurance Important For A Bicycle Rider?

Bicycle accidents can happen to even the most cautious riders. Every year, India experiences over a million bicycle-related accidents causing both bodily damages to the cyclists and their bicycles as well. Now, although most bike mishaps aren’t as fatal as car accidents, yet every cyclist runs a risk of fatality each time they hit the roads.

In recent years, India has witnessed growing popularity among cycle enthusiasts, as well as the escalation of cycling disasters. This has prompted the country’s leading insurers to offer bicycle insurance schemes specifically tailored to suit the requirements of the cyclists.

Let’s take a look where you might need a cycle insurance India scheme –

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 1- When you hit the busy roads

With increased awareness of ‘going green’ from the Indian media, more and more people are ditching their carpools to reach office or schools. Now, pedalling your way to your destination is the newest trend. Not only does it eliminate the harmful effects of vehicle pollution, but is also a healthy habit. 

However, you could meet with an accident on the way. A pedal cycle insurance scheme safeguards you from any medical expenses you might incur due to accidents caused.

You can avail a cycle insurance under the Pocket Insurance category offered by Bajaj Finserv. Irrespective of where you’re cycling – busy roads or on a trek, secure yourself with a financial cover up to Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 300,000 in case of accidental deaths.

2-  Embarking on a cross-country trip

Nowadays, adventure lovers are now dropping their cars and taking up their cycles to tour the globe. With the thrill of travel also comes with associated risks. You might incur bodily injuries and even damage your bicycle in the process. Armed with bicycle insurance plan, you can insure your expensive mountain bike and yourself while you’re touring outdoor.

Simultaneously, you can also avail a Pocket Insurance product called
trek cover. It will cover you against financial setbacks like losing your valuables or meeting with an accident during the tour. Additionally, you can also block all your lost cards occurred from losing your wallet.

Moreover, you’d benefit from worldwide coverage if you take your bicycle for a cross-country trip. This bicycle insurance scheme in India gets you protection for theft or accidental loss of your cycle. Furthermore, you can expect coverage for your bicycle damage caused by fire, riots and get reimbursements upon your cycle’s invoice value.

Apart from these cases, there’s always a chance of an accidental third-party while you’re cycling on a trip. To tackle such unforeseen situations, consider purchasing a personal trip liabiity cover plan under the Pocket Insurance schemes offered by Bajaj Finserv. With this liability cover, you enjoy coverage for liabilities like accidental damage to third-party properties by you and unintentional bodily harm to third-parties.

In some cases, the bicycle may be covered under a home insurance scheme. If you face theft of cycle from your home while you’re on a trip, it would cover the financial loss from theft. But, if your bicycle is damaged during the trip, a home protection plan won’t cover the expenses.

In such situations, a cycle insurance cover can give you peace of mind with considerable coverage. Opt for comprehensive and transparent coverage from the right insurance provider and be covered against a range of mishaps.

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