Why pizza boxes are always packed in square shape?

Pizza is one of the most popularly consumed foods all across the globe. There’s no one who doesn’t like to eat pizza with a glass of coke. Even when you are walking down the street randomly and ask someone what is their favourite food the answer will be pizza. Almost everyone is aware of the aroma and flavour of the pizzas, and many of them come with different toppings and seasonings too. They are also available with different crusts and bases, so you can choose which flavour you like the most. Many people don’t seem to understand why pizza boxes are always packed in square-shaped boxes. Here are some details of why it is so.

1. Easy to manufacture

Even though packaging companies have evolved over the years, they will manufacture those boxes that are durable and high in demand. The square pizza boxes are cost-effective and easy to manufacture. It is difficult to create a round box, and many people may not like the shape either. You will be surprised to know that the square box can easily be created with a single cardboard sheet. 

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Costumers and brands may want to know can you recycle pizza boxes, so yes, these boxes are easy to recycle and can be disposed of too. There are millions of people all over the world who order pizza every minute and second. Whenever required, these sheets of cardboard can be folded into the box. The square-shaped box will make it easy to store the pizza safely and securely. As these boxes are stable than the round boxes, the leftovers can be saved in the fridge before you reheat again and enjoy.

2. Easy transport and storage

You will be surprised to know that creating is a round box is time-consuming, and it will be much difficult to store and transport it. The pizza boxes in Australia are durable and will keep the real taste and aroma of your pizza intact for a long time. It will also keep the pizza warm, and you can enjoy it fully with your family. Logistic experts have also claimed that a round pizza box is expensive to transport and store while its manufacturing takes long. The pizza restaurant owners will have to change their warehouses if they want to accommodate round boxes, which isn’t easy.

4. No need for special equipment

Pizza boxes wholesale are available at affordable rates, and pizza brands can maintain it in their budget. The round box is not easy to make as it will require at least four separate sheets and sections. They need to be pressed together with some special machinery and equipment that will be expensive too. It will be a lot of hard work, and in the end, the customer will dispose of the box in the trash after consuming pizza. Mini pizza boxes in square shape will entice the customers as it gives them a good unboxing experience. Many pizza brands print pictures of pizza on the box that tempts the customers to purchase it frequently. They also get the logo and brand’s story printed on the top of the box to connect new and old customers on an emotional level. The round box must be constructed in two different sections or parts that include the container and the lid.

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5. Ease of devouring 

The space of the square box is large enough to accommodate a big pizza in it. The pieces are cut into thin slices, and they are delicious to eat. You will be surprised to know that there will be a lot of space left around the four corners of the box. Pizza boxes Adelaide are made with quality and premium materials like cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated materials. These materials are easy to access too. 

When there is space left around the box’s corners, it will become easy for the consumer to take a slice out without making their hands or fingers messy. The steaming mix of cheese and sauce will remain intact, and the topping will also be secure. The square box has turned out to be a good option for storing and packing pizzas of different flavors.

6. Stable and Durable

Brands have to think about the technical aspects of the box, and managing the round box will certainly be difficult. Hinges around the box are delicate and prone to damage, so that it may become a cause of concern for consumers too. Pizza brands can buy pizza boxes wholesale that are made with durable and sustainable materials. The square box of pizza has large hinges attached to their sides, and that is why they won’t break easily, keeping the pizza safe. It will also make sure that the pizza remains warm and doesn’t become soggy. Even though there have been many difficulties while creating or using a round box, brands are still trying to use it and make it more innovative.

7. Apple’s round pizza boxes

The pizza boxes Sydney are becoming very popular in Australia, but some of the pizza brands worldwide are trying to be more innovative now. Apple is a company known for a lot of innovation, and they are the first ones who have created a round pizza box. The thin round pizza box is an innovative and creative thought, and consumers are impressed too.

The sleek and round pizza box introduced by apple has attractive designs. It is also designed to store personal pies, and there are sharp holes inside the box that will keep the temperature constant. 

These boxes will keep the pizza warm and prevent it from getting soggy too. The moisture will extract out, and the quality of the pizza will remain in the best shape. Pizza boxes cheap can be used by the small pizza brands while they make innovative designs to attract plenty of new customers. The manufacturing of the round pizza box is still limited, though, and is only available at the food courts or offices of apple. It doesn’t seem that the popularity of a square-shaped box will come down anytime soon.


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