Why Would You Use Zirconia Laminate Crowns for Dental Restoration Treatment?

You can restore your damaged tooth with Zirconia Laminate Crowns because they are durable than conventional dental crowns. Conventional dental crowns like porcelain and full-gold crowns are not so durable and you can face various problems after installing such conventional crowns. Zirconia Laminate Crowns are designed with solid contour and they are transparent than porcelain dental crowns. Apart from that, the professionals can fix with dental cement or screws in your mouth.

Differences Between Solid Zirconia and layered Zirconia Dental Crowns:

Solid zirconia is a dense material and they are durable than translucent crowns. If you are withstanding forceful chewing and grinding you can opt for it, and they are highly recommended for the patients who may grind their teeth. Apart from that, you do not need to spend huge amounts for filing your teeth before installing Laminate Crowns and minimum clearance required for this installation. If your teeth become dark in color due to previous dental treatments then you can use it because they can repair your discolored tooth and restore your damaged tooth in proper shape.

On the other hand, you can find a variation of Crowns which is known as layered zirconia. They are more translucent and opalescent and you can use them as anterior crowns. You can also use layered crowns as posterior crowns, provided you clean the teeth or gum area properly. Both solid and layered crowns have better stability than conventional dental crowns and they can give you better transparency than porcelain crowns. Cosmetic dentists turn to our lab for porcelain veneers when they want the very best veneers for their patients.

What are the Advantages of Zirconia Laminate Crowns?

  • Zirconia Laminate Crowns are biocompatible and they can reduce plaque accumulation. You can use porcelain dental crowns with some porcelain layers, but you cannot make them durable like layered dental crowns. Laminate Crowns are designed with solid zirconium substructure and you cannot face any chipping or fracturing problems in these crowns. They can keep your dental tissues healthy and stable.
  • With the chemical composition and processing requirements, you can customize the Zirconia Laminate Crowns as per your needs. They can fit on your gum perfectly and you cannot find any gaps between the crown and gum. So no bacterial infections occur in the case of crowns and you will not face decay or feel any pain after using Laminate Crowns.
  • If you have a metal allergy and want to use a metal-free tooth restoration process then crowns are the best option for you because Laminate Crowns does not have any metal substances. this is metal-free and it does not create any dark spots around the gingival area.
  • You can match the color of the crown with the surrounding teeth because translucent natures of Zirconia Laminate Crowns are available in various shades. You do not need to spend a day in your dentist’s chamber to match the color of your crown with your surrounding teeth because the computer-based designs of Laminate Crowns can easily match the color with your other tooth within few minutes.
  • Mostly, Laminate Crowns are fixed with dental cement and Bisco’s Z-Prime Plus and the dentist can use bonding agents with dual-cure resin dental cement to fix your dental crown perfectly. So you can use these crowns for a longer period of time and there is no maintenance needed for such crowns.

These crowns are comfortable for patients and you do not need to suffer from the sensitivity issue after installing these crowns, which is very common for conventional dental crowns. So, now you can consult your dentist to choose the best quality zirconia dental crowns according to your requirements.

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