Will mediation bring us together?

Marriage is one of the most beautiful phases of life. Everyone loves to carry their marriage forward but sometimes, the marriage keeps on deteriorating and people think that, rather than continuing it, they should end it there and then only. Once both the parties have made the decision of the separation then the other things come in. These things are like child support, spousal support, child custody, visiting agreements, and number of visits, separation of assets and many other related things.

Divorce is not an easy process at all. If you think that, it is an easier task but it is not being easy but to crack. So, before finalizing the decision of divorce, you should think it twice. Once you have made the decision then you have two options with you, either go directly to the courtroom or go to the mediator. The decision is all yours no matter whom do you want to choose. Always bear in your mind that if you have reached the point of divorce then you can never take a return. Though, there are several other reasons for which you can think that whether getting divorced is a good idea or not like child custody, expenses of the child etc. According to last year’s reports, it has been cleared that the people have loved the mediation before the divorce. It is always advised, not to go to the courtroom directly. In fact, you should start your journey from the mediation and end it in the courtroom. Sometimes, the people end up resolving their conflicts and they also end the thought of divorce.

Being a spouse, you need to agree on certain points so that you can sort out the things and bring your life back to the track. So, if you want to re-establish the peace, trust and communication then you should definitely agree on meeting with the mediator. Though, some people might misguide you about the marriage counselling and mediation but you should ignore them. You should never make a mistake of choosing the marriage counsellor as the marriage mediation. First of all, you should know the difference between marriage counsellor and marriage mediation. If you want to take the advise from the marriage counsellor then you can go to them but it will not help you in the courtroom at all.

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A marriage counsellor can give you advice but a marriage or family mediator will sit with you, listen to your conflicts as a third party, facilitates the communication between both the partners and will ask them to resolve the issues. If not, he/she can ask them to reach at the final decision and that’s all because of the family mediation Hertfordshire.

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