Wo Extended: Fallen Dynasty palms-on preview – like a A few Kingdoms period Nioh-spinoff

Crew Ninja’s new action video game Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty got a playable demo, so we received some hands-on time with the activity and prepped equally a written and video clip preview beneath.

This demo will be running from now till September 25th, and all those who handle to total the demo will get paid in-sport rewards that will be unlocked when they go onto the complete match when it releases in 2023.

So considerably with my time in Wo Extensive: Fallen Dynasty, it feels like I’m playing Nioh, but established in China, which should not be a shock as this is the same studio who created Nioh following all. Examine out a narrated video preview below:


The match will take put during the A few Kingdoms era of China and followers of the story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors, or Chinese mythology, and Chinese horror tales will obtain a recreation that is brimming with astounding content material and creatures.

Right before I talk about the true gameplay, I want to give a nice mention to the character creator. The character development process in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty is quite sturdy and well performed. There are a good deal of touches that can be employed to genuinely make your character your have.

You can personalize your race, gender, and there is even the capability to find your own individual pronouns, but that alternative is not in the demo alone. Not that it mattered to me, I will also go the route of developing a rugged aged warrior with heavy armor and a Padao or Cresent Glaive.

During my time with the demo, I attempted out two distinct character builds, a healing make that started out me with medium armor and a bronze sword, and a protection establish that started off me with the beforehand described large armor and a Padao.

Searching at my time with Wo Very long: Fallen Dynasty, I invested considerably a lot more time playing that major armored make mainly because that’s just my playstyle. I like to rely on substantial protection, gradual motion and arrive at weapons to maintain myself alive.

Having performed Nioh right before I was really comfortable with Wo Very long: Fallen Dynasty the instant I picked the controller up and dove into the video game. When the gameplay didn’t seem tricky at first, one particular issue I promptly understood was how harmful it could be to struggle much more than one enemy at a time.

Numerous times I turned extremely quickly overwhelmed when I just ran into two bandit mooks at after. The demo starts out in the mountains in which you are preventing customers of the Yellow Turbans, a Taoist death cult turned mountain bandits. Just before extended although, you will appear throughout zombies and other monsters as you journey by means of the mountains.

As you enjoy, you will appear across banner stands, which operate the exact same as bonfires in a Souls activity, or shrines in Nioh. Just one fascinating twist on the other hand is that for each banner you place, your least toughness will increase. That means that when you die you can only shed as substantially power as your banner stand rating.

This process rewards gamers for exploration as properly as helps to keep away from problems of backtracking and grinding.  You will also discover that when you lock onto an enemy, they will have a variety future to their well being bar which would be their strength or “fortitude” score.

If an enemy would seem as well sturdy for you to take on and their fortitude rating is as well high, you may possibly be greater off staying away from them for now and seeking to get your very own rank better before returning to bring them down.

The combat in the demo is pleasurable, it feels really rapid paced and flashy. The addition of the visceral execution moves on exhausted enemies is a nice bonus that carries more than from Nioh as nicely. Actually, I only ever ran into just one challenge with the gameplay and that was with the lock-on procedure.

There ended up moments where I would check out to lock on to an enemy in entrance of me and the digicam would prioritize an enemy who was significantly absent and not even on my screen. It did not come about also usually, but in a recreation where by enemies have some devastating ability assaults that can 1-shot or just about one shot you, a superior lock-on method does experience like it ought to be vital.

1 detail I definitely love is the amount of customization you have with your character. With the precise look of my character, as very well as the weapons, armor, and magic in the game, it certainly feels like Staff Ninja are placing an emphasis on permitting the participant generate their perfect build.

The visuals in Wo Prolonged: Fallen Dynasty are good as very well. So significantly, the only detail I’ve noticed is that occasionally enemies who are considerably absent will have janky animations, as if they are skipping frames solely and just jittering as they walk all over.

This is not an situation when fighting up near even so and I have been knowledgeable by a resource at Koei Tecmo US that the progress workforce is presently mindful of this problem and are performing to correct it. The precise animations of my possess character although I navigated the world, fought enemies, and looted equipment was all best notch.

Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty feels as good as Nioh‘s animation but at the identical time, experienced this Chinese presentation. The way my character held his weapons, moved his entire body, and swung his blade felt extremely distinctly Chinese somewhat than a easy Nioh reskin. There has surely been an attention to depth in this article that I want to highlight by Group Ninja.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

An additional issue I seen was when I was enjoying, the framerate would dip at occasions that did not make perception to me. The dips were being never ever serious ample to thoroughly take me out of the expertise, but it was recognizable plenty of that I could absolutely see it from time to time. I’m hoping that this is just an challenge with the demo while and it will be fixed for the entire release in 2023.

I genuinely have loved my time with Wo Prolonged: Fallen Dynasty so significantly, I have not concluded the demo nevertheless as I continue to keep generating dumb issues and get my head kicked in, but I hope to finish it up by the closing day on the 25th.

Even if I do not complete the demo, I know I will be buying this match up working day one particular and planning myself for a comprehensive playthrough as soon as attainable. I really don’t feel I have ever been this thrilled for a Soulslike/Niohlike ahead of. The setting is just right up my alley.

Wo Extended: Fallen Dynasty is launching someday in early 2023 across Windows Personal computer (via Steam), Xbox A single, Xbox Collection X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, and will be readily available on Xbox Game Go on day one.

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