Woman Celebrates Her 100th Birthday With 2 Older Sisters Who Are 102 And 104 

As we grow older, we lose more and more people that are close to us. However, a lady from Kansas, USA, still has sisters by her side despite their old age. 

Frances Kompus, who is 100 years old, is still catching up with her big sisters, who are 102 and 104 years old. 

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On November 11, 2021, Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday with her sisters Julia Kopriva, who is 104, and Lucy Pochop, who is 102. 

Nearly 50 people joined the birthday party at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, which is located in Atwood, a town in Kansas. This is the same church where the 3 sisters were baptized and got married.

The best thing about this story is that the three sisters have been close since they were little. 

During an interview with Kompus, she talked about doing all the things that her sisters were doing.

Kompus explained: “I always did what they did. Sometimes that was working and sometimes that was fun.”

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The grandparents of the three sisters were immigrants from Czechoslovakia and became farmers in Rawlins County. 

Kompus also said in the interview that they had no brothers, which is why they had to do all the work on the farm with their parents.

Talking about her young days, 100-year-old Frances said she once ran the tracktor for at least 12 hours and would use it as a one-way disc plow or a rod weeder.

The family also had geese and roosters in the farm, which the sisters considered as pets. 

Family Picture
Pochop, Kompus, and Kopriva (The three sisters) standing next to their parents (Florian and Fannie) in the 1940s.

When asked what the secret to long life was, she said “eating well”.

On their farm, the family ate good home food, butchered their own hogs, and ate a lot of chicken along with dried beans. 

She currently lives in the Good Samaritan Society home in Atwood, which she moved into in late 2019.

During the interview, Kompus advised the young ones of this generation to be social, to walk a lot and to simply keep going forward.

The sisters also talked about how they managed to get through tough times. 

Because the family had a farm, they managed to get through the Great Depression.

Kompus said her mother would cook them chicken and would serve meals of dried beans when times were rough during the Great Depression. 

She also talked about what kids should be doing these days.

The 100-year-old woman says young kids these days should thank their parents.

She added: “I think faith comes first and thank your parents, grandparents. We eat well, right? And pray and try to stay out of mischief.”

Explaining the relationship of the three sisters, Fran Allacher, the daughter of Kompus who lives in McCook, Nebraska, revealed that her mother and her 2 aunts have always been close.

She said the bond between the three sisters became deeper as each one of them became widows and moved into adjoining apartments in Atwood.

Pochop, the 102 year old sister, moved into an apartment next to Kopriva in 2000.

Talking about that move, Allacher said that the sisters played cards and dominoes every night, which made them closer.

She added: “They just got together and they’ve been their support for each other, forever.”

Kopriva says she was glad that her sisters were around when they were in tough times.

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