Woman Hospitalized For Farting Too Much And Trying To Sell Them To Become A Millionaire 

A woman from the United States of America was hospitalized for farting too much and trying to sell them because she wanted to become a millionaire. 

Stephanie Matto, who is from Connecticut, USA, managed to make around $200,000 by simply farting and she was hoping to become a millionaire by simply doing what she loves, but things went south when she started to fart too much.

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Matto was left in the hospital after she mistaken gas pains caused by her diet for a stroke. 

The 31-year-old was eating loads of beans, eggs and protein shakes in order to keep up with the huge demand but it backfired, pun intended. 

She also started to sell her farts as NFTs, which are known as nun-fungible tokens. 

In just a couple of days since launching, the woman sold 1000 farts for $200 and she still has more than 5000 for sale.

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In case she does sell all the farts, that would make her a millionaire by simply selling farts. 

Steph also launched her website last week, where she sold digital fart jars in JPEG format tied to blockchain receipt for just 0.05 Ethereum.

For the record, 0.05 Ethereum is equivalent to roughly around $200. 

Explaining why she’s selling digitized farts, Steph said: 

“It was towards the end of my time doing the mass orders of fart jars that I began to see the toll it was taking on my body and health. I thought maybe digitizing the farts and putting them out into the metaverse was the best way to keep the farts going. I think my transition from selling sexy content and farts in jars to metaphysical farts is causing some people to really rethink the way that NFTs can be used and conceptualized. I really want to make an example for women in the NFT community that they have a space too. The farts in each jar don’t just symbolize my farts, but they stand for being able to make money any way you can.”

What are your thoughts on Steph selling her farts? Let us know what you think about her business by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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