Woman Sues Mom’s Doctor For Allowing Her To Be Born, Ends Up Winning Millions 

A woman sued her mother’s doctor for allowing her to be born with a medical problem, and she ended up winning. 

Evie Toombes, who is from the UK, launched a “wrongful conception” case against her mother’s doctor as she was born with spina bifida.

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The spinal defect means that Evie sometimes has to spend 24 hours a day connected to tubes.

20-year-old Evie took Dr. Philip Mitchell to court over his failure to properly advise her mother when she was pregnant.

Evie Toombes claimed in the court that if Dr. Mitchell had told her mother that she would need to take folic acid to minimize the risk of spina bifida affecting her baby, she would have put off getting pregnant.

This means that she would have never been born.

The mother of Evie told the court that if the doctor gave her the right advice, she would have put off her plans of getting pregnant.

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The mother told the judge: 

I was advised that if I had a good diet previously, I would not have to take folic acid. 

Judge Rosalind Coe QC backed the case of Evie, which was heard in a landmark London High Court.

The judge ruled that if Evie’s mother was “provided with the correct recommended advice, she would have delayed attempts to conceive.”

The Judge added:

In the circumstances, there would have been a later conception, which would have resulted in a normal healthy child.

Evie Toombes was then rewarded with a huge payout.

The lawyers of Evie did not reveal the exact sum because it is still being calculated. However, multiple reports suggest that the numbers will be big as it would need to cover the cost of her lifelong care needs. 

No other information about the case was made public. 

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