Woman Who Stole Diamonds Worth Over $5 Million Ordered To Pay Back Just $340

A woman who stole diamonds worth over £4.2 million has been ordered to pay back just around £250 by the court and social media users across the globe are just losing it. 

Lulu Lukatos, the woman, is from Saint-Brieuc, France and she carried out the robbery while pretending to be Anna, a gem expert.

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By doing this, she managed to steal 7 diamonds from Boodles, a luxury jewelry shop in Mayfair, London.

One of the diamonds that she stole was so big that it was worth around £2.2 million.

The 60-year-old woman told the staff at the jewelry shop that she was there to value some expensive diamonds o n behalf of a Russian client.

The incident that we are talking about happened in March of 2016. 

The expensive diamonds that she was inspecting were placed in a padlocked purse and were held in the New Bond Street store’s vault until the funds get transferred into their account. 

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But the thing is, the CCTV footage of the showroom showed the moment Lakatos dropped the purse into her handbag and switched it for a duplicate.

The most interesting thing about this is that she managed to do everything in just a matter of seconds. 

Nicholas Wainwright, the boss at Boodles, briefly left Lakatos to talk on the phone to Alexander, the fake Russian Buyer. 

Nicholas said that he had met Alexander  over lunch at Hotel Metropole in Monaco. 

Emma Barton, the diamond expert at the jewelers did raise some suspicions, however the diamond that she stole were not found inside the bag  that she was carrying around with her.

A couple of hours after the incident, the woman and her criminal associates fled the country and went to France. 

The robbery  was spotted a day after the incident when  the purse in Boodles’ safe was opened.

Upon opening the purse a couple of pebbles were found inside. 

The diamonds that she stole were never recovered.

It is also believed that the crime is the most expensive of its kind in the United Kingdom.

After being caught by the authorities, Lakatos, who was born in Romania, was convicted of conspiracy to steal. 

While sentencing Lakatos to 5 years and 6 months in prison, Judge Emma Goodall QC said: 

You have been convicted of conspiring to steal diamonds, the jury having rejected your defence it was your deceased sister and not you who perpetrated the offence. This was a highly sophisticated and audacious offence in terms of planning, risk and reward, an offence in respect of which you played an integral role. You spent almost an hour in the Boodles London showroom exploiting their trust, which allowed you to engage in a brazen deception and through sleight of hand you stole seven diamonds valued at £4.2 million.

The thing about this is that the sentencing also told Lakatos to pay £245, which was taken when she was arrested.

Judge Alexander Milne QC added: 

As far as the figures are concerned there is a striking contrast between the benefit figure of £4,299,671 and the available assets of 293 euros and 57 cents.

Officials reports have suggested that Lakatos will be extradited to France, where she already has a number of past convictions for theft. 

No further information was released to the public.

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