Workers In Belgium Now Have The Right To Ignore Their Boss After Working Hours

Under the new rules and regulations that got introduced in Belgium, government workers are now entitled to ignore their bosses in case they try to contact them after working hours. 

The movement, which is called the “Right to Disconnect” will be introduced for civil workers from February 1.

The regulation is going to be introduced by Petra De Sutter, the Minister of Civil Service. 

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A memo that was released by the government states that workers can only be contacted outside working hours in exception and in unforeseen circumstances or when action is required that cannot wait until the next working period.

The memo also said that government employees should not be disadvantaged in case they choose not to respond to contact from their boss outside the work hours.

The decision that was made by the government is aimed to allow workers to have better focus, better recuperation and to have a more sustainable energy level.

The authorities did not make it clear on what the penalties are going to be in case someone does not follow the regulations. 

De Sutter said in the memo that the decision was made in order to tackle the problem of excessive work stress and burn-out.

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