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Hostage circumstance ie hostage circumstances have been made use of extensively in cinema. In the climax of the film Sholay, Dharmendra is held tied at Amjad Khan’s base and is manufactured to dance with Hema Malini. A few times ago, Dhamaka, directed by Ram Madhvani, was also on a hostage situation. Each and every Hostess film has a single goal, to kidnap and keep the hero’s most loved individual like his girlfriend, wife or youngster and make the hero convince him of his oversight in return for releasing her. In “Zinda”, a Hindi imitation of the Korean film Aged Boy, John Abraham keeps Sanjay Dutt confined in a space for numerous decades to avenge his sister’s humiliation in large university. The taking pictures of films in the lockdown experienced a very lousy result, when some movie makers applied this limited ability to shoot the movie by turning the computer display screen into a digital camera. Malayalam film ‘See You Soon’, unveiled in 2020, is the 1st these types of movie in which most of the scenes are proven as a result of the eyes of a computer-mounted digital camera. On the exact lines, now a Telugu film WWW (Who, Why, Wherever) has been produced on Amazon Prime, in which the full movie is shot through the digital camera of the computer monitor.

WWW story
The film’s director KV Guhan has composed the story of WWW. We are not heading to give up our pattern of making films by being influenced by English films and when all over again we have produced the movie keeping this sort of situations in the middle which are not likely to materialize. The film’s hero Vishwa (Adit Arun) is a personal computer hacker who falls in love with Mitra (Shivani Rajasekhar), the roommate of 1 of his hacker mate Christie’s (Divya Sriprada). Vishwa tells that lady his job as the CEO of the recruitment organization and also gets Mitra’s brother a work. As before long as the two strategy to satisfy, Modiji announces the lockdown. To stay away from this, a good computer is set up in Mitra’s area and both of those expend the complete day online video clip chatting.

A single day out of the blue an mysterious person breaks into Mitra’s place, stabs Christie and commences the process of blackmailing Vishwa. Vishwas is pressured to reveal the names of her and hacker good friends, she is asked to explain to her mom the actuality that she is a hacker. Vishwas hacked the web-site of Mitra’s father’s corporation, thanks to which Mitra’s father committed suicide and his household is in problems, this truth also comes to the fore. Little by little it is revealed that this attacker is a game designer whose information was hacked and bought by Vishwa and this designer was ruined and his wife had killed the soul, for which he is carrying out all this to acquire revenge. In the midst of all this, Vishva informs Inspector Khan of the cyber mobile of the law enforcement, who is searching for Vishwa and his close friends. Khan will come and rescues Mitra, requires Christie to the hospital and the man is arrested.

How is WWW?
Prima facie the tale raises a large amount of hope, but the way the film progresses, it is incredibly unexciting and the actors from over are all pretty normal. Vishwas enjoys Mitra’s voice, falls in adore with her paintings and falls in appreciate with her as a result of the laptop or computer display screen. Love is on the rise but Mitra hardly ever asks what is the name of Vishva’s recruitment corporation, particularly when her brother will get a work via Vishva. Vishwa is a hacker but he is only in a position to see Mitra’s Instagram account, he does not locate any image of him on the world wide web. Vishwas has 2 much more hacker pals, it would not have produced any change if he was not in the movie.


Why a freebie beerbaaz buddy of Vishwa is also in the film, I never know. If the attacker does not appear to be to be educated in any way, then how can a personal computer match designer appear? The attacker enters the home straight and starts off wielding a knife, is there no seem in the neighbourhood? Vishwa experienced hacked the site of Mitra’s father’s firm and the blame was leveled on Mitra’s father owing to which he committed suicide. Does a firm not even know in the investigation that hacking has transpired? How most likely is it to meet up with his father’s oblique killer and slide in adore with him as a result of the screen only when Vishwa does practically nothing that will make Mitra tumble in adore with him. Numerous such discrepancies are integrated in the tale, due to which the pleasurable of watching will become gritty.

The full film is shot as a result of laptop or computer screens and this sort of experiment involves possibly a powerful tale or an actor. WWW’s lousy luck is that neither its script has the guts nor its actors are great. Adit Arun is in dire will need of studying performing. Most of the time they are found in the very same expression. There is no distinction in between their restlessness and helplessness. This is Shivani Rajasekhar’s 2nd film and even with remaining from a movie family members, her acting limits are pretty smaller. Relaxation of the solid are easy, some are stored in vain. Cyber ​​cell officer Khan does nothing at all other than overacting.

Director KV Guhan is generally a cinematographer and this is his 3rd endeavor as a director, but neither his tale nor his storytelling nor cinematography demonstrates something particular. He ought to find out from cinematographer Sabin and director Mahesh of Fahad Faasil’s See You Shortly, how to make a scene various and exciting applying different angles from a computer screen. Audio is by Simon King and the movie has 3 music and 1 theme. Nailu Nadi Dhar is a good tune but the section of Carnatic new music seems a little bit peculiar. There is also a rap named Who, Why, The place, which has been utilised for marketing by contacting it a lockdown music. Editor Tammi Raju would have experienced some thing to do if the script was very good. In the shot division, 1 shot of this display and a single shot of that display have been edited for the movie. Even a good editor are unable to preserve a raw script.

It would be a superior thing to stare at a closed pc screen for two hrs than to view Who, Why, In which. For this kind of experiment, it is vital to have an expert scriptwriter with the aid of an knowledgeable scriptwriter, only the film does not make good from the point of look at of the cinematographer.

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