YBA Christmas 2022 Update Log and Patch Notes

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The new Xmas update for Your Strange Experience was unveiled on December 15th, 2022! There are a ton of other bug fixes, written content additions, and balancing performed to the game that you can read all about in the update log. This is a major patch, so make absolutely sure to spend awareness what was included so that you can consider comprehensive advantage!

A new code was added to the recreation, which you can come across on our YBA Codes page! The underneath patch notes were produced by using the formal Discord server, and have been slightly reformatted.

YBA Xmas Update Log

Christmas Function!

  • New Xmas Themed Map!
  • Acquire Christmas Provides! They can be observed about the map (.3% spawn probability) or attained by successful recreation modes (drop likelihood will be stated under). You can open up them to attain a random Minimal Version beauty or product!
  • Christmas Present drop prospects in winning activity modes:
    • 1v1’s = 4%
    • 2v2’s = 1%
    • Casual SBR 3rd = 5%
    • Informal SBR 2nd = 10%
    • Informal SBR 1st = 15%
    • Competitive SBR 3rd = 10%
    • Aggressive SBR 2nd = 15%
    • Competitive SBR 1st = 20%
  • All Minimal Version Xmas stuff will be unobtainable soon after the function ends!
  • 2x Item Spawning enabled ( Stacks with the 2x spawn on weekends so it would be 4x merchandise spawning! )
  • 2x Stand Skin likelihood ( Is effective with the robux shop! )
  • New 2022 Christmas Stand Skins:
    • Aerosleigh (Epic // Aerosmith)
    • Killer Queen: Bites the Ice (Ucommon // Killer Queen: Bites the Dust)
    • Hierophant Frost (Popular // Hierophant Green)
    • Snake of Christmas Previous (Famous // Whitesnake)
    • Moon of Xmas Existing (Widespread // C-Moon)
    • Designed in Christmas Upcoming (Legendary // Made in Heaven)
    • Festive Cost-free (Unheard of // Stone Totally free)
    • King Crampus (Uncommon // King Crimson Requiem)
    • Ice Cold Chili Pepper (Unheard of // Purple Warm Chili Pepper)
    • Product Nog (Unheard of // Cream)
    • Snow Golem (Epic // Magician’s Crimson)
    • Sheared Snow Golem (Epic // Magician’s Purple)
    • Glacier Trackstar (Uncommon // White Album)
  • New 2022 Christmas Item Skins:
    • Jingle Bell (Steel Ball)
    • Peppermint Ball (Steel Ball)
  • All 2021 Restricted Version Xmas Skins have also been designed available for this Function!
  • The Xmas occasion will close on 01/09/23 (January 9th)

Fixes & Exploit Patches

  • Patched “Stand Fusion” wherever you could use a person stand’s moves on a further stand. Talent crucial rebinds have been reset for this repair, please rebind your skill keys yet again
  • Mounted animations getting all odd and blended into each other
  • Patched some exploits regarding Sounds that could make general public servers incredibly loud
  • Patched an invisibility exploit
  • Patched an Automobile Parrying exploit
  • Patched an exploit that created you to run very quick AND jump very substantial
  • Patched an exploit that built you equipped to pilot any Stand extremely significantly distances


  • Designed Anubis’ model and it’s skins not act as an extension of your hitbox
  • Night Time now lasts the exact duration as Working day Time (night time made use of to last 1.4x shorter)

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