Your Guide to Buying Plywood Furniture

Melbourne is a vibrant, elegant, and multicultural city that frequently tops the list of the world’s most livable cities. Meanwhile, furniture shops in Melbourne have furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, and storage cabinets. And, you can find many stores that sell plywood furniture in Melbourne since they are lightweight and durable. Plywood can also be cut easily to desired size and shape while making the furniture. Moreover, it has the beauty of wood, is available in various finishes, is lightweight, easy to move, and cost-effective.

What Is Plywood?

Plywood is made by gluing together thin veneer sheets with a resin under high pressure. It is thick, strong, and cheaper than wood and is the best alternative to wood. 

The three basic types of plywood are:

  • Moisture Resistant (MR) Plywood

MR plywood is the most common commercial plywood used for making furniture. It has good moisture resistance, even in damp and moist conditions, but it is not waterproof. Because of this, MR plywood is extensively used in interiors.

  • Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Plywood

BWR plywood is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms where exposure to water is high. Even boiling water cannot damage this plywood; it is water-resistant and is suitable for all weather conditions. These features make BWR a great choice for exteriors and interiors alike.

  • Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is a superior quality plywood type that is highly waterproof. High-quality resin and timber are used to make this plywood; hence it is impact-resistant and scratch-proof with great strength and durability. And since it retains the integrity of the furniture, it is a good choice for making garden furniture.

Advantages of Using Plywood Furniture

Economical: Plywood is cheaper than wood, and with it, you can enjoy the benefits of superior quality at a reasonable price. 

Durable: It has very high durability and is preferred for its sturdy nature, second only to wood. Besides, there will be no shrinking or warping with changes in the temperature, making it ideal for household furniture.

Flexible: Plywood furniture is available in a wide range of size, quality, and density that suits different applications. Moreover, furniture of all sizes and thicknesses can be made with plywood.

Convenience: All types of furniture can be made using plywood without worrying about the damage caused by nails and screws. Because of this, it is a highly preferred material for making furniture.

Caring for Your Plywood Furniture

Brushing: Brushing is necessary to remove the dust and grime that enter the crevices in the furniture. So, you can clean it with a soft brush to prevent it from deteriorating. Meanwhile, the brush helps you to clean parts of furniture that are difficult to reach.

Dusting: Dusting frequently is a rule of thumb for all plywood furniture. Use a soft, dry cloth and dust at least once a week. On the other hand, using rough and abrasive cleaning pads will cause scratches on the surface of the furniture.

Cleaning spills: Spills on furniture are common, and they should be cleaned immediately with a clean, soft cloth. But, do not allow the spill to sit for a long time as it may stain the surface.

Protection from sunlight: Do not expose your plywood furniture to heat and direct sunlight, as it will lose its lustre and damage the texture of the surface. So, keep the furniture away from direct sunlight for it to have a long life.

Combating humidity: You must protect the furniture from exposure to moisture and humidity, as prolonged exposure may cause the furniture to rot and develop moulds. Besides, keep it in rooms with good ventilation to avoid mildew.

Plywood furniture has become popular because of the large number of striking designs. So, you may buy plywood furniture in Melbourne based stores to give a fresh and new look to your home. And with good maintenance, they will last longer and add to the aesthetics of the room. 

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