What are the Main Types of Pipe Components?

When it comes to pipework systems, fittings, and connecting pipe components, companies require efficient, durable and functional components to get the job done. It all depends on the type of application and installation requirements. Choosing the right connecting component is important for ensuring there are no issues after installation such as gaps in the connection that can cause leakage, the pipes not being aligned properly due to a loose connection and much more.

This post will explain what the main types of connecting pipe components are and what their specific purpose is:


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U-seals are types of pipe components that are used when joining two pipe sections together and for ensuring that there is a tight connection. They are designed to be used in connection with pull-rings and ‘Quick Connect’ pull-rings. They are typically manufactured in materials including NBR (Nitrile Rubber), Silicone, Viton and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer).


‘Quick Connect’ pull-rings, two-part pull-rings, and one part pull-rings are connecting pipe components that are designed for the installation as well as dismantling piping systems. Depending on the installation requirements, they are usually manufactured with stainless steel or galvanised steel. A hexagon cap screwdriver is used to mount the pull-rings when installing.

Earthing bridges

Earthing bridges are pipe components that are designed to work in tandem with all types of pull-rings and replace traditionally used earthing lugs. By connecting onto the pull-ring once it has connected two parts of a pipe together, it then provides a tight connection to ensure there is earthing continuity. Earthing is important for ensuring that the discharge of electrical energy is transferred into the earth, otherwise the electrical energy discharge can redirect into the machine operator and can cause a serious or fatal injury.

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Pipe flanges

There are many different types of pipe flanges. These pipe components are designed for blocking, providing additional support, interchanging or connecting various pumps, pipes, valves and other types of pipework. The main two types of pipe flanges are usually screwed or welded.


These pipe components aren’t used to specifically connect different sections of piping together but are instead used to ensure that there are no gaps or leaks in a defined space and ensure a fixed length. O-rings are used in cylinders, fittings, pumps, pull-rings, valves, push-in pipes and more. They are typically made with materials including NBR (Nitrile Rubber), FKM, Silicone, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) or Blue Silicone.

To ensure that all your pipe components, fittings, and accessories are fully compatible with your pipework system, it’s recommended to purchase all your piping supplies from the same manufacturer.

Search online for a pipework system supplier that has a large warehouse with their own in-house tooling systems. This will ensure that not only can they manufacture and supply you with the specific pipe components you need, but also that there is a fast turnaround so you don’t have to put the job on hold until the right parts arrive.

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