Great Reasons to Get a CCTV Pipe Inspection

As we all wander around in the world of shopping malls, wary of the discomfort of the scorching heat of the outside world, a set of eyes are always watching us! Just as the CCTV (closed-circuit television technology world to monitor gathering evidence of theft and crime in shopping malls, off late CCTV drainage investigations too are used to investigate drains. In fact, it is the most trusted way of gaining the much needed inside information about everything that is happening within the premises of the drainage pipes and sewer. 

With the help of these tiny cameras assisted by LED lights being fed into the hidden pipes underneath driveways, buildings and gardens, one can ascertain the kind of blockage that needs to be immediately taken care of. A skilled operator can view the images from the feed-in real-time or via a recording by either: 

  • A drain technician
  • People quoting on the job to be done
  • The building manager
  • The property owner
  • A relining contractor 

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However, how much a piece of valuable information and evidence can this CCTV drainage investigations and what are the hidden benefits of using these: 

  • Ascertaining the cause of blocked drains

One of the major reasons that a CCTV drainage investigation is done is to ascertain the cause of the blockage in drains. It is also used to understand if there is a breakdown in the underground pipes as well. As one tries to get trenchless repairs and rehabilitation strategies. This non-invasive and accurate inspection is becoming popular for drain inspection nowadays.

  • They Keep Property Pipes Operating Efficiently

Even without any obvious signs indicating a blockage or a break in the pipes, there are tiny cracks in the pipes that allow for waste seepage. This seepage tends to enter the pipes from the soil, and thus, drains tend to empty at a slower rate. In fact, there could be some signs of corrosion in the metal pipes, due to which cracks show up in the pipes. Cracks could also begin to show up as a result of the buildup of oils and fats in the pipes. All of these could cause a complete break of the drains and pipes in the future if they are left unmaintained currently. Using the CCTV drainage investigations has proven essential in such circumstances, believe the plumbers in Yatala, Australia. It is necessary to conduct regular pipe inspection in order to avoid having to make unanticipated expensive alterations due to a burst pipe later on. 

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  • They Come in Handy for Landlords

Sometimes, it gets extremely hard for landlords to prove the fault of the inhabitants of a rented or leased space when it comes to blockages and cracks in pipes of the property. Tenants have been careless in the past with the items that they shove down toilet drains and kitchen sinks. Conducting occasional checks using the CCTV drainage investigations tools could help them ascertain the amount of damage caused due to carelessness by tenants.

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