DM Full Form And Everything You Need To Know About The Post

What Is The DM? 

The full form of the DM is the District Magistrate. It is also known as District Collector or Deputy Commissioner. The abbreviations used other than DM for a District Magistrate is DC. Only an Indian Administrative Service officer can be appointed as a DM or DC. DM is in charge of a district and it is the basic unit of administration in India. Every district has a DC to run things And there are 741 districts in the whole of India. So there are 741 District Magistrates.

Who Appoints a DM?

A District Magistrate is appointed by the Government of India. The candidate is selected as an Indian Administrative Service officer after they qualify for a bunch of tests. The governor selects a District Magistrate with the consent of the Government Of India.

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How Is A DM Selected?

To get selected as a DM, first, a candidate needs to qualify for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. This exam enables them to become IAS officers. An IAS officer is then appointed as an SDM also known as a Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Then after one or two promotions, the candidate can be selected as a District Magistrate by the Government Of India.

What are the Duties Of DM?

A District Collector is responsible for the administration of the bureaucracy in a state. It is the prime duty of a District Collector to maintain law and order in his or her district. Following are some of the duties of a District Magistrate.

  • Conducts criminal court of the executive magistrate.
  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Coordinates of the police.
  • Supervised subordinate executive magistracy and conduct magisterial inquiries.
  • Under the preventive section of the Criminal Procedure Code, Hearing cases
  • Conduct revenue court.
  • Assessment and collection of land revenue that is Arbitrator of land acquisition, 
  • income tax dues, excise duties, irrigation dues and arrears Collections.
  • Registration of Property documents, sale deeds, power of attorneys, defacement, share certificates etc.
  • Issue various kinds of statutory certificates including SC/ST, OBC & EWC, Domicile, Nationality, Marriage, etc.
  • Relief and rehabilitation.

DM Full Form?

  • DM-District Magistrate

In Social media Term, DM’s full form is also known as a Direct Message.

SDM Full Form?

  • SDM- Sub District Magistrate

Some other important Abbreviation of Indian officers-

  • DC-District Commissioner
  • IAS-Indian administrative services. 
  •  IPS-Indian police service. 
  • IFS-Indian foreign service.
  • DSP-Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • DC- District Collector

List Of DM in India:

Here is the list of some DM in the various districts along with their working period as DM:


SNDistrict MagistrateFromTo

Shri C.V. Rao I.A.S.


2.Shri S.R.D. Saxena I.A.S.08-04-194812-08-1952
3.Shri Lal Ratnakar Singh I.A.S.13-08-195210-04-1955
4.Shri Girja Prasad Pandey I.A.S.11-04-195519-05-1956
5.Shri Satya Prakash Bhatnagar I.A.S.20-05-195610-05-1957
6.Shri Ashwani Kumar I.A.S.11-05-195722-07-1958
7.Shri V.K. Mishra I.A.S.23-08-195818-02-1959
8.Shri Pratap Singh I.A.S.02-03-195903-12-1960
9.Shri P.R.B. Bhiman I.A.S.14-12-196025-06-1961
10.Shri M.S. Musfiq I.A.S.26-06-196106-07-1964
11.Shri P.C. Saxena I.A.S.07-07-196427-07-1967
12.Shri V.K. Saxena I.A.S.28-07-196724-05-1969
13.Shri Rajendra Nath I.A.S.25-05-196912-06-1970
14.Shri R.N. Mishra I.A.S.13-06-197010-12-1973
15.Shri O.N.Vaidya I.A.S.17-12-197303-08-1975

Who can A DM Suspend?

A DM can not suspend any officer, even if he does not have the power to suspend a constable. He can only give the direction to the Superintendent of Police for the smooth run of the administrative machinery.


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