• Industrial Training Institute
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    Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Training Institute – What Is The Full Form Of ITI?

    The Industrial Training Institutes, which stands for ITI, is a post-secondary school in India that is constituted under the Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Union Government. What is the full form of ITI?  A lot of people ask the question “what is the full form of ITI”? For those who do not know, ITI means Industrial Training Institute.  List Of Engineering And Non-Engineering Courses In ITI Electrician-2 years   Fitter- 2 years   Mechanical- 2 years   Surveyor- 2 years   IT- 2 years   Tool & Die Maker Engineering-3 years   Draughtsman (Mechanical) Engineering-2 years   Diesel Mechanic Engineering-1 year   Pump Operator-1…

  • Indian Foreign Service
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    Everything You Need To Know About Indian Foreign Service – Full Form Of IFS

    The IFS is a central civil service, which is one of the premier civil services that marks the presence of India in foreign countries.The IFS full form is Indian Foreign Service, it comes under Group A of the Central Civil Services (CCS) of the executive branch of the Ministry of External Affairs.  Full Form Of IFS The full form of IFS is Indian Foreign Service. This service is one of the premier civil services in India that marks the presence of the country in foreign countries.  Their Duties  IFS officers, ifs officer full form is Indian Foreign Services, are responsible to mark India’s presence in various international organizations, manage foreign…

  • Full Form Of IPS
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    What Is The Full Form Of IPS And Importance Of The Post

    IPS Meaning: The post IPS meaning is the Indian Police Service. IPS Officer Full Form: The full sort of IPS is that the Indian Police Service. The title of IPS is given to the candidates who Appeared and qualified for the UPSC exams. Senior posts of the Department of Police at the state and federal levels are filled with IPS officers. In a true sense, these officers from the Indian Police Service are the moving part of the machinery called nation. Previously the service was known as the Indian Imperial Police in the pre-independent era. When India got independence from British rule and the constitution was written, Under article 312…

  • Full-Form Of DSP
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    Full-Form Of DSP And History, Salary And Responsibilities

    DSP Meaning: The full form of DSP is the Deputy Superintendent of Police. History of The post DSP: After knowing the DSP full form, let us talk about a brief history about it. The post was created in the year 1876 in the pre-independent era by the British government to run the country of India smoothly. A DSP works as an assistant of the SP. That is why it is also known as ACP or Assistant Commissioner of Police in some states. The Full form of an SP is Superintendent of Police. The post is known as Circle Officer in some states such as Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan while in…

  • District collector
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    DC full Form In Police Departments Of India

    Full-Form Of DC:  DC stands for the two most prominent posts in the Indian administration system. In general, DC stands for District collector who is also known as District Magistrate or DM in some states. In the Police system, The abbreviation DCP stands for Deputy Commissioner of Police. DCP is a very significant post at both the central level and state level. It is a high rank in the police system and an Indian Police Service is selected for the job. How To Be A DCP: After knowing the dc full form in police, now know about how can a person be selected for the post:- Appear and qualify for…

  • Full Form Of IAS
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    What Does IAS Stand For? Everything You Need To Know About IAS Officers

    The IAS Full form (Indian Administrative Services) is one of the 3 main arms of the All India services along with IPS and IFS. IAS officers have the power to formulate policies and implement them according to the finances. However, the decision to implement them can only be taken by the minister that the IAS is working under. Also, tax courts are under the authority of the IAS to maintain law and order of a specific area.  What Is The Full Form Of IAS?  The IAS officer’s full form is the Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the premier civil services bodies of India.  How Are IAS Officers Recruited? …

  • DM Full Form

    DM Full Form And Everything You Need To Know About The Post

    What Is The DM?  The full form of the DM is the District Magistrate. It is also known as District Collector or Deputy Commissioner. The abbreviations used other than DM for a District Magistrate is DC. Only an Indian Administrative Service officer can be appointed as a DM or DC. DM is in charge of a district and it is the basic unit of administration in India. Every district has a DC to run things And there are 741 districts in the whole of India. So there are 741 District Magistrates. Who Appoints a DM? A District Magistrate is appointed by the Government of India. The candidate is selected as…