Here Is How Machine Learning and AI Are Improving Marketing in 2021

Since the coronavirus outbreak, marketers are finding great new ways to expand the impact of marketing for brands. The marketing teams, leads, and everyone associated with the industry are expecting to create a brand that caters to customer trust and also exudes empathy among the customers to bring success to the brand in 2021.


The previous year has been challenging for all kinds of brands. Gaining customer trust during a time of crisis was a difficulty. However, now new challenges have emerged as every brand is planning to regain the lost trust and recognition in the eyes of the targeted customers.


An example of the struggle in the words of the CMO of an enterprise software company goes like this. The CMO said that the team and the rest of the staff have been amazing and trying their best to deliver the message that is keeping customer care and safety as the topmost prosperity.


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Being true to their word, the company has taken help from Machine Learning and AI to build tools that can help in learning and building strategies that can create an empathetic brand that delivers results.


Similarly, a lot of brands along with their marketing teams are working day and night to capitalize on the current trends to build strategies that can engage customers. Most of the marketing teams in the current scenario are working from home. This has emerged in need of better marketing strategies but only on the cost of having high-speed internet service at home.


Without having the essentials; a designated workspace and a high-speed internet service you can not expect your marketing team to generate out-of-the-box ideas. Therefore, we suggest the brand work on the basics first, which is having Cox Internet packages for your employees working from that leads to advancement.


Well, without further ado let us tell you some of the ways through which Machine Learning and AI can help improve marketing in 2021:


The Highly Performing Marketing Team


According to a survey, 70% of the high-performing marketing teams say that their success lies in fully defining AI strategy. They believe that this has given them leverage over 35% of their underperforming peer marketing team counterparts.


Well, this brings us to what the CMOs of the high-performing marketing staff think is the actual reason behind their success.


So what we have collected from the CMOs statements is that marketing teams that perform high have a mindset to learn and develop an understanding regarding AI and Machine Learning and eventually use it over the next year.


The leads further added that marketing teams that choose to put in the work and efforts need to develop ML and AI-based skills payoff with much-improved marketing strategies and great precision with marketing analytics.


Impact of AI on Marketing Performance


According to another survey, 36% of marketers have predicted that Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact on marketing profile in 2021.


While we are reaching the 3rd month of 2021, there is a lot of effort and understanding left to create strategies for the rest of the year.


And as per the 32% of the markets and professionals in the field of marketing using AI to create a digital banner, social media posts and marketing strategies can bring more success to the business, so why not use these tools for the month left?


High Performing Teams are Using AI and Machine Learning


By now, it should be clear as a fact that AI and machine learning can be a big benefit for marketing teams.


However, even after endless predictions and foreseen results some of the marketing teams and experts do not intend to use AI and ML skills to improve their position in the industry in the coming months.


According to the reports, less than half of the marketing teams are using AI and ML on an average of seven different use cases to improve their performance while the majority of the teams are planning to increase the adoption this year.


We need to understand that 2021 is far more challenging than 2020. This is because 2020 was all about survival and we all had each other’s back in one way or another. But this year, it is all about winning back the lost position.


Therefore, instead of planning how to use AI and ML to get financial results, it is time to take the first step.


The Future is Here


AI and Machine Learning are the future. And being the future of marketing can only bring benefit for the team and the brand.

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