The Best Southern Cities for Young Professionals

When you are just starting out on your career path it’s important you settle into a place that affords you great opportunity and a nice work-life balance. You want a city that’s got a diversified job market, good cost of living, and plenty of things to do outside of work.

The south is full of places like this. Here are some of the best cities for young professionals to settle down in.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Check out Raleigh houses for rent if you want to live somewhere that companies are continuously opening business in.

Raleigh is full of folks coming from out of state but also students who graduate from nearby universities who love the area so much, they don’t want to leave.

Forbes continually places the city high on its list of the best areas for businesses and careers. The city is also consistently noted as one of the best places to live in the south.

It’s got Southern Charm and housing prices that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. The unemployment here sits well below the national average.

Research Triangle Park is a well-known complex that has over 200 companies and 50,000 employees within it.

Nashville, Tennessee

Music City is home to a great cultural scene, quality education, and incredible sports teams. It’s often ranked among the top cities in the south.

The economy here is strong and the cost of living is affordable. It sits at three percent lower than the national rate.

The median home cost is around $250,000, and the median annual salary of a Nashville resident is about $67k.

The top industries here include healthcare and entertainment.

Austin, Texas

Austin has consistently been on the rise in terms of economy, population, and culture. Over recent years a large influx of millennials has happened to the area, infusing new life in it.

The city is a hub of start-ups and tech companies, and a great place to find a well-paying job. It’s actually been dubbed “Silicon Hills”.

You’ll find headquarters for Facebook, Dell, and Google here. The SXSW festival is a huge yearly event that has a large technology festival and conference as part of the festivities.

There’s also ample opportunity in healthcare, government, education, and engineering.

Jacksonville, Florida

Florida is for more than sandy beaches and hot nightlife. Many areas have a growing economy and booming job market.

Jacksonville has some of the best economic health in the state and a wide array of well-paying jobs.

You can work at the Mayo Clinic, Aetna, or Johnson & Johnson. There’s a flourishing tech sector and large military base to find employment in as well.

As of March 2021, the city had an unemployment rate of only 3.7 percent.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the country, coming in right behind New York City. Wachovia and Bank of America’s headquarters are both here.

Even if you aren’t looking to get into finance, there are plenty of other reasons to move to the area. There are jobs available in insurance, healthcare, and computer technology.

Charlotte’s job growth has been predicted to outpace the national average over the next 10 years by 45 percent.

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