Top Strain Flavors You Can Enjoy With Cake 1.5 Gram Cartridge

As the cannabis industry is growing in the United States, we see more products on the market. More and more people are now using cannabis for personal and recreational purposes. 

Most people are familiar with CBD and THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol), the two major cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis. But have you heard of delta 8 THC?


There are a lot of people who are now purchasing and using delta 8 cartridges to experience the effects of delta 8 liquid. One of the most popular cartridges that you can buy for yourself is Cake 1.5 gram cartridge


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Vaping is considered a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. That is why delta 8 vapes are gaining so much popularity. The best part about these cartridges is that you can enjoy different strain flavors with them. 


In this post, you are going to read about some of the top strain flavors that you can enjoy with a Cake 1.5 gram cartridge. Having said that, let’s get started with it.

Strain 1. Blue Dream 

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its sweet berry flavor. You can enjoy this flavor through Cake 1010 kit as well. 


It is a great strain that offers an uplifting and motivating high that can also enhance your focus. Blue Dream is a cross between Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica and offers a full-body relaxation. 


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With all these effects, it can also provide mental clarity, making it a great strain for daytime use. That means you do not have to wait for the sun to go down to enjoy the effects of this amazing strain. 


Strain 2. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains that you can find on the market. This amazing Indica strain is known for offering relaxing and euphoric effects. 


The combination of these effects of OG Kush and delta 8 THC makes the experience of Cake 1.5 gram cartridge even more enjoyable. You will experience the head-focused effects while it also uplifts your mood and increases your focus. 

Enjoy a great body sensation and relaxing effects of OG Kush with this cartridge. You can also use it if you suffer from pain, anxiety, and nausea. 

Strain 3. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is widely popular for its sweet, strawberry aroma with a touch of berry and earthy flavor. It offers an uplifting effect that you will enjoy with euphoria that will keep you smiling. 

Whether you are experiencing stress or anxiety, this one can help you. It can stimulate your mind while making you feel happy and more focused. This amazing strain can also boost your energy levels while making you more creative and productive. 

While enjoying all these effects, you do not have to worry about excessive sedation.


Here you go; these are some of the best strain flavors that you can get with Cake 1.5 delta 8 cartridges. You can buy and use more strain flavors according to your preferences and choice.

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