5 Simple Bedroom Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Bored of your bedroom and fancying a change? Despite us spending a third of our lives in bed, not all bedroom makeover ideas need to be complex and expensive! From the tiniest of changes (such as a new lamp or new bedding) to a complete decorative overhaul, we’ve compiled five simple bedroom makeover ideas to transform your space on a small budget.


  • Swap the paint for a mural

A lick of paint still is the most cost-effective way to transform a room. Swapping darker colours for lighter ones is often the focus of small bedroom makeovers in an attempt to make a space appear bigger. If you’re after something more unique, custom-printed wallpaper or mural prints are widely available online for competitive prices. That said, most bedroom makeover tips advise you to make the most of your own skills. So, if you’re arty, consider sketching out and hand painting your own wall design.


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  • Invest in sleep comfort

If you have a lack of space, a small bedroom makeover can focus on achieving comfort in the most important place – in bed. You don’t need to invest in an expensive new mattress to achieve luxury. Instead, memory foam toppers are widely available online and are designed to shape to your body contours for excellent support. They are hypoallergenic, respond to body temperature and promote good circulation – what better upgrade could you want!


Depending on preference, you could opt for a flat memory foam topper for soft luxury, or an egg-crate shaped topper for a solution that increases blood flow and airflow whilst you lay down. If you have an unusual shaped mattress, memory foam toppers can also be made to a custom size for a perfect fit.


  • Adopt small plants

One of our best bedroom makeover tips? Bring the outdoors inside! Bedroom plants not only look fantastic, but they filter the air, boost your mood, and help to reduce overall stress levels. Plants help to give a luxurious feel to a space, no matter how small. For more compact spaces, consider hanging plants from the ceiling or windowsill. 


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Big retail stores such as IKEA stock numerous small plants at an excellent price point, or alternatively, you can head down to your local garden centre to see what’s on offer.


  • Add an upcycled armchair

Are you seeking a perfect small armchair to be the focal point of your DIY bedroom makeover? Online marketplaces are perfect for sourcing small decorative chairs suitable for bedrooms. If you fancy more of a hands-on project, consider re-upholstering a second hand chair to create a unique piece for your room. For added luxury, consider upholstering using plush fabrics and memory foam toppers for the foam seat pads. Your upcycled chair can also be adorned with custom made cushions too.


  • Let there be light

Small decorative lights can transform a bedroom. From tea lights to fairy lights, these can be purchased online from as little as a few pounds. Topping the list for cheap bedroom makeover ideas, such lights are popular with students living in dorms for this very reason. Consider threading your string lights around door frames and under window ledges for the illusion of a larger space.

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