A Comprehensive Guide On Technical Indicators

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Analysing an investable financial instrument happens in two ways— with fundamental analysis and technical analysis.


Fundamental analysis refers to checking the financial background through financial statements of the company whereas technical analysis is about forecasting the price movements using indicators, patterns, trends and technical indicators. Technical analysis is a skill that comes with experience, study and right indicators. No matter how good a trader is, he is always a student learning new ways of technical analysis.

Technical Analysis


Technical analysis is done to forecast the price movement on the basis of analysis for the old price movements. The analysis is said to tell about the current demand in terms of supply of commodities, stocks, dures or any tradable instrument. A trader who knows how to put stock information like prices, volumes, and open interest on charts and is aware about the use of patterns and indicators for assessment of future price movement is a pro at trading. One can make use of technical analysis for intraday, hourly, monthly and even yearly basis. If you also want to be a pro level trader, start looking for the best technical indicators to get some assistance for shifts and movements in price. Once you get a hold on this, you have a long way to go.

Perks and Uses of Technical Indicators


Technical indicators are used for technical analysis. The analysts forecast price movement based on various perspectives through these indicators. When a trader uses indicators he experiences different outlook on the directions of price movement of stocks. Not just that, one also gets to outlook on the strength of the price movement on a given time frame. Talking about the uses of technical indicators, here is what you must know.

To alert


The very first use of technical indicators is to provide alerts. Technical indicators help in gaining signals and alerts on the break out of support. Here a positive divergence is considered as an alert for the break out of resistance level.

To confirm


Another use of technical indicators is to confirm other technical tools. The best technical indicators help analysts to ensure technical tools like candlesticks patterns on charts. Once you start using these indicators you get timely confirmations about the tools.

To predict


Lastly, technical indicators help you to predict rise and fall in the trading industry. This is one of the most basic uses of technical indicators. They help you to predict all the future movement of the prices in trading.

Tips To Use Technical Indicators


Now that you are aware about the uses of indicators, you must also know its usage. An indicator is helpful only when a trader knows how to use it. If the trader fails to use it in the right way, no matter how good a technical indicator he uses, he will always get unsatisfactory results. Here are certain tips for using technical indicators in the right way.

Never rely only on the indicators


Relying solely on the indicators can be one of the biggest mistakes that traders could make. There are many signals that can give buy and sell signals but instead of relying on them completely, a trader should better focus on price movements. Indicators filter price actions with the formula. Therefore price actions said by indicators should always be considered.

Technical indicators should be read with technical tools


A trader must read the entry and exit points generated by technical indicators through candlesticks patterns and trends.

Avoid using more than five indicators


As you start using indicators for technical analysis, find out five best technical indicators and avoid using any other with them. Make sure these five indicators complement each other as sometimes it can seem confusing.


If things seem complicated, learn how to use technical indicators through trading books and experienced traders.

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