Steve Sorensen Select Staffing Talks About The Advantages Temporary Job Positions

For majority of the people, searching for job positions strictly involves permanent, full-time positions.  However, it is crucial to note that temporary job positions have a host of advantages as well.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing points out that getting hired for a temporary position can be a great way to start a career, and have a way to get experience and pay the bills till a better job is found. Steve Sorensen has been associated with the staffing industry for quite some time, and hence is well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of diverse types of job endeavors. At the Select Family of Staffing Companies, which is a temporary staffing and employment company, he was responsible for supervising sales marketing and management of diverse workers, as well as building executive team.  He worked at the company as a Chief Executive Officer from the year 1987 to 2014.

A lot of job seekers tend to have a level of bias against temporary job positions.  Some of these common concerns include limitation on the ability to hunt for permanent work, lack of stability, and the constant anxiety to stay in the job search mode. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing however underlines that due to these reasons people should not forget the many advantages offered by temporary job positions.  Such job roles can especially be a good idea for people just started out their career.  He stresses upon the fact that the staffing companies of the U.S hire almost 15 million temporary and contract employees a year, and about a one-third of such workers tend to be offered a permanent job where they worked on an assignment, while two-thirds of them accepted the offers. 

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Steve Sorensen Select Staffing brings to light that apart from providing income to pay the bills till one gets a permanent job, temporary employment also helps people to affirm their commitment and energy towards their profession.  Here are some of the top advantages of temporary job roles:

  • Strengthening the resume:  A temporary job position can provide people with a chance to learn certain industry relevant skills or gain needed experience in a domain of work where they might be lacking. This can especially prove to be advantageous for people who desire to switch directions in their career.
  • Speedier Hiring Process: The hiring process for temporary job roles usually is simpler and faster. There, in fact, usually is a sense of urgency while hiring for any kind of a temporary position. Employers would be required to fill these positions as fast as possible. The speed of this hiring process can be quite advantageous for the prospective employees, as they stand a chance of acquiring a position fast that can help them to pay their bills.  

For many, a temporary position can just be a matter of time, before they are retained for a permanent basis in the company.

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