Argentina Judge Caught Kissing Convicted Murdered On Prison CCTV

A judge from Argentina is currently being investigated by the authorities after they were caught on camera kissing a convicted murderer. 

A video that is viral on social media right now shows Judge Mariel Suarez kissing Cristian “Mai” Bustos at the Provincial Penitentiary Institute (IPP) of Trelew on December 29.

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Bustos is in jail for the shooting of Leandro Roberts, a police officer, in 2009.

Suarez was the only judge in Bustos’s case to vote against his life term, which he received last month.

She also argued that he should receive a lesser punishment for the crime that he had committed in 2009.

After the video went viral, she said that she is writing a book about the prisoner, with whom she also shared a tea when she visited him.

Footage that was taken from the prison shows the two close and intimate, however the Argentinian judge insists that no kiss happened.

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The judge claims that she and Bustos were just talking close up to avoid being overheard by the security personnel.

The Judge also claims that she has no relationship with Bustos.

When asked why she voted to reduce the jail time of Bustos, she said that she believed the version of events he gave at his trial.

The authorities have confirmed that they are going to investigate the behavior of Judge Suazers.

After the video of the incident was made public, the Superior COurt of Justice of Chubut opened administrative proceedings into the judge’s behavior.

The court released a statement about the incident, where they said:

From the information communicated by the IPP, it appears that the judge has engaged in inappropriate conduct for a magistrate. The proceedings are aimed at elucidating the circumstances of the meeting between a judge and a convicted person, the tenor of the meeting, its duration and its characteristics, which could imply violations of the Public Ethics Law and/or the General Internal Regulations of the Judiciary.

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