Beautiful Pixel 3XL battlefield 4 Backgrounds Take Your Gaming Experience Up a Notch

The graphics of the latest games released nowadays are world-class. Their popularity is unrivaled. Some of the best games for gaming today are Battlefield 4. It was released by Electronic Arts and DICE in 2013. If you are a hardcore fan of these games, you may be looking to customize your gaming experience with fresh new backgrounds on your Pixel 3 XL. Here we will tell you more about the amazing Battlefield 4 backgrounds available on Pixel 3 XL.


Pixel 3XL Battlefield 4 Backgrounds


Pixel 3 XL is well known for its larger than average display. This combined with its powerful hardware makes it perfect for gaming. Moreover, the graphics of Battlefield 4 that it can support is simply amazing. For true gaming fanatics, here are some of the best Pixel 3 XL battlefield 4 backgrounds that they can find. 


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  1. Coastal combat: One of the most iconic battle scenes of the Battlefield 4 game is the coastal combat. It features the combat off the coast and a huge fleet of warships. For Pixel 3 XL devices, this can be your ideal gaming background.


  1. Soldiers in action: Another iconic background for Pixel 3 XL is this one featuring the main characters of the game in full combat gear. It serves will for pixel 3XL devices, letting them play Battlefield 4 in style. 


  1. The main battle: This battle image from battlefield 4 is perfect for those gaming fanatics out there who want to experience the full thrill of the game. It is available in plenty of resolutions optimized for Pixel 3 XL gaming.


  1. Skyscraper battle: Pixel 3XL users can get breathtaking background images of the game. This one in particular features the epic battle between skyscrapers and a fascinating combat scene in the bottom right.


  1. Fighters in action: Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience with this amazing Pixel 3 XL battlefield 4 background, featuring fighter planes in full action mode. It is great for those who want to play the air battles from the game. 


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Pixel 3 XL is an ideal platform for gaming as it offers great visuals, high resolution and powerful hardware performance. Those who play Battlefield 4 on this device can use these amazing Pixel 3 XL battlefield 4 backgrounds to customize their gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. 




Q: What are the best Pixel3XL battlefield 4 backgrounds?

A: The best Pixel 3XL battlefield 4 backgrounds include Coastal Combat,Soldiers in action, The Main Battle, Skyscraper Battle and Fighters in Action. 


Q: What is so special about Pixel 3XL? 

A: Pixel 3XL is extremely popularfor its high resolution display and powerful hardware that makes it great for gaming.


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