Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats

CBD or Cannabidiol oil is now becoming common; it is gotten from cannabis hemp plants that contain different chemical compounds called cannabinoids. It is known for its medical properties that help treat series of physical and mental issues. 

Manufacturers extract the oil from the flowers and stalk of the cannabis hemp plant. It is an edible oil that doesn’t contain much THC (0.3% at most) after the extraction process. Many cats and their owners use it as a natural relief remedy from anxiety, seizures, pains, stress, and other health issues.

How CBD Oil Works for Felines

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Humans have an endocannabinoid system in their body; it is a system that regulates a series of functions; it can impact mood, sleep, appetite, and the reproduction system. 

Cats also have the same system; when Cannabidiol oil enters the cat’s body, it reduces or increases the transmitters present inside. It prevents the breakdown of the natural cannabinoids that are already in the cat’s body.

Benefits of Cannabidiol Oil for Cats

Felines could benefit from CBD oil in several ways, and you can find some of the popular ones below. 

Reduces Pain

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Cats are known for jumping and running around, which can get them injured. As it gets old, it can have arthritis when the cartilage that forms a cushioning between the bones of a joint deteriorates or loses flexibility. It can also happen due to infections, dislocation, or injury; this majorly affects the elbow joints, causing inflammation and pain; it hinders mobility, leading to a lack of energy, making their lives dull. 

Cannabidiol oil has anti-inflammation properties, which reduces inflammation and stops it from spreading. When CBD meets the receptors present in the cat’s body, it alters how they react to pain, bringing relief to the animal. This link has more on how to deal with pain and inflammation in felines. 

Ease Anxiety

It helps to relax the cat by bringing instant relief from stress and anxiety; it is hard to know the pain level. It offers the needed comfort to ease the pain caused by old age, injury, or any chronic disease. Before traveling or going out, you could give it to them to offer relief from anxiety. Doing so is enough to calm the cat down.

Reduces Stress

Stress from traveling or going out to see a vet, when they travel or go from one place to another or change environment. They are mostly connected to the place they are used to and could be stressed out moving to a new location. Giving it to the feline 30 minutes before going out to see a vet or traveling helps them stay calm and reduce stress without giving them any other prescriptive drug.

Boosts Appetite

It makes it easier for your cats to digest food quickly. If they can’t eat due to stomach issues from inflammation or bowel disease, the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabidiol oil will bring relief from swelling and discomfort. While it can’t cure inflammation, bowel disease, and other digestive issues, it can help reduce the symptoms.

Reduces Seizures

It has the effect of suppressing seizures anytime the oil is given to it. It also helps prevent any future seizures. It increases the number of cannabinoids present in its body and improves communication between its brain and organs.

Improves Mood

When CBD oil enters its body, it interacts with the receptors and helps keep the cat’s mood in check by ensuring that the serotonin present is enough, which helps regulate the cat’s mood, making the cat happy and playful. Serotonin is the happy hormone that’s in the body that regulates mood. You can find more on this website for ways to help improve your cat’s mood. 

How to Use Cannabidiol Oil for Cats

How to Use Cannabidiol Oil for Cats

There are many ways you can introduce cannabis to pets. But for safety and proper absorption of the cannabidiol compounds, below are the best methods of administering CBD to pets. 


It is edible to give through the mouth; the product comes in a tiny bottle that has a dropper. With this, you can use it to put it in the mouth, where the bloodstream present in the mouth absorbs it. It works faster when you put it under the tongue because most blood vessels are present there. It is the fastest and most effective way that provides the desired effect only a few minutes after.


If it refuses to take them directly through the mouth, you can put it in edibles like biscuits and treats. It might refuse direct intake, but it can’t resist treats like biscuits or candies. Soak the biscuit or candies in it. Edibles can be infused in it and given to your cat when it refuses to take it as drops directly through the mouth.


When your cat suffers from joint pain, infections, or swelling, you can rub it on the affected area; it brings instant relief when rubbed on their body. You can also use creams or lotions that have a high amount of cannabidiol oil in them. 

Ideal CBD Dosage for Felines

To know the correct dosage to give your cat, you want to start by considering the


Cats with a heavyweight will need a higher dose to get the desired result; you can still get the same effect with a cat that weighs less but with a lower amount. Below is the ideal dosages according to the weight of the cat;

  • 41 – 55lbs : 16.8mg
  • 26 – 40lbs : 12.6mg
  • 11 – 25lbs : 8.4mg
  • 1 – 10lbs : 4.2mg


  • Seizures: 0.5mg – 3mg per kg of their weight twice a day
  • Arthritis: 0.5 per kg of their weight twice a day.
  • Respiratory infections; 5mg per kg of their weight twice a day.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: 0.2mg per kg of their weight twice a day.

Final Thoughts

With how standard CBD and CBD oil are becoming, natural organic wellness products are now used for humans and animals. With it, your cat can fight against many mental and physical diseases and live a long life. If your cat is sick or unhappy trying to use it, you can use CBD gummies if it rejects it.

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