Best Platforms to Play Fantasy Cricket in India

Fantasy cricket has spread like wildfire in the online world. Numerous platforms offer you great experiences to play cricket games online. All you have to do is select a site that offers you multiple options when you play the online game so that you earn the highest points and win the game. Therefore, for cricket fans like you who want to experience the thrill of fantasy cricket, we have collated a list of the best websites to play cricket games online. Explore them and enjoy to your fullest.

Golden Jeeto:

Golden Jeeto is one of the leading reliable fantasy cricket sites in India. It offers a variety of cricket games to play online. Cricket lovers, especially the younger generations, consider it the most reliable site to play fantasy cricket where they can create their ideal team and win real cash. The site has a sizeable number of ongoing matches and leagues where you can participate to win cash prizes and also get some bonus. You can easily win cash here as long as you have sound knowledge of the cricket.

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MyTeam 11:

MyTeam 11 is similar to Dream 11 in many aspects. However, here you will see fewer clubs and teams, which is actually a jackpot for you because it increases your chances to win from a single bet. MyTeam 11 offers some free leagues where you can bet for free and win some cash along the way. It offers INR 100 as a sign-up bonus to play paid cricket league and INR 50 when you refer it to your friend. When your winning amount reaches INR 200 then you can withdraw the money from your bank.   


Halaplay is the shortest and quickest version of fantasy sports, which empowers serious and casual sports enthusiasts to play simple and interesting cash-based games. HalaPlay offers you different kind of leagues with payout structures, which enables you to follow sports and get rewarded at the same time. The biggest advantage to play on HalaPlay is you can edit your team till last moments. HalaPlay offers you 10% and 20% bonus on every deposit.


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Fandromeda is a platform where you not only play fantasy cricket but also sports like Football, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Basketball, Tennis and Badminton.  It is a unique platform that offers you free games where you can play and win coins and redeem them as gift vouchers. It also allows you to create a separate team for each match to play one-on-one with an opponent in a winner-takes-all format. In this site, the fan of the year gets 50,000 bonus and the weekly chart topper gets 5000 bonuses.

Dream 11:

Dream 11 is one of the biggest fantasy league platforms in India. In this site, grand leagues are very attractive where you can earn up to INR 5 Lakhs. Its interface is very simple and you can easily create a team and join a league. Transparency is the biggest advantage to play on Dream 11. You will never face any issue related to money withdrawals, as it pays you regularly without any delay.

These all are the top Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform to play online cricket games in India. If you are a cricket fan and wanted to play cricket matches or leagues matches, then you must visit the above sites and unleash a world of ultimate fun that awaits you. However, like all other games, play online cricket with a sporting spirit and play it responsibly.

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