• Bankruptcy Lawyer NYC

    How To Find The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in New York?

    If you or your known have recently gone bankrupt, you would probably need a good bankruptcy lawyer to help you out of the situation. You would have to take care of several legal documents and make sure that the court accepts your appeal. Although people can file for bankruptcy on their own as well, however, since this a situation that is going to have outcomes in the future too, an attorney is strongly recommended. This gets even vital because the employees of the court aren’t allowed to recommend you or counsel you on anything. Therefore, in such a sensitive situation, hiring a more experienced and professional lawyer would get you…

  • credit card

    RBL Bank Credit Card Offers! Get Extra Discounts on Online Shopping this Festive Season

    With the retail e-commerce sector projected to grow at a CAGR of 23% by 2021, online shopping has turned into an unbeatable trend. Simultaneously, more and more people prefer to shop online due to its convenience, which is also a contributing factor towards its surge. Easy availability of payment instruments like credit cards with their numerous benefits further makes online shopping lucrative and popular. Owing to the discounts and rewards offered by credit cards such as the RBL Bank Credit Card in this festive season, cardholders can benefit significantly. Available festive benefits with credit cards Credit cards ease your way to make offline and online transactions efficient. During the festive…

  • Credit Card Reward

    Tips to Accumulate Credit Card Reward Points Quickly

    Racking up on your credit card reward points is one of the best ways to become eligible for some of the best perks and benefits that are out there for credit card customers. No, this does not mean that you have to increase your spending. All we are trying to say is that if you own a rewards card, there is no point is not using your rewards and reaping the full benefits of it.  Be it a free flight or a gift card, why miss out on exciting rewards. Here are 6 ways to make the most out of your rewards credit card: Look for a sign-up bonus: Almost…

  • Unsecured Loans

    Secured Vs Unsecured Loans: Which One Should You Opt For?

    Personal loans are a boon when you need immediate financial help. Nowadays, there are many kinds of loans available in the market. However, they are largely of two types—secured loans and unsecured loans. To put it simply, a secured loan is like a mortgage loan. In this case, you have to furnish an asset as a security for the loan. In contrast, unsecured loans do not need any asset as collateral. That is why secured personal loans are less risky for the lender than unsecured personal loans, even though the interest rate for the latter is higher. Once you decide to take a loan, you must figure out whether you…

  • Reasons That May Get Your Housing Loan Application Rejected
    Business,  Finance

    Reasons That May Get Your Housing Loan Application Rejected

    Affordability of individuals to purchase a house in various Indian cities has increased in the last 10 years. It is mainly owing to the stimulants like income growth, stagnant price of homes and easy availability of housing loan at lower rates of interest. As per a finding, the median affordability index for house purchase remains at 4.5 times of average annual household income. Except a few like Mumbai and Hyderabad, most other cities remain below the affordability benchmark of 4.5. Adding to it, three rate cuts announced by RBI in the past six months further make house purchase affordable through lower home loan interest rates. Nevertheless, you have to meet…

  • Online Banking

    Online Banking – Understand The Top 5 Benefits

    Do you want to enjoy the benefits of banking from the comfort of your home?  Online Banking can let you enjoy that leisure. It helps in managing your finances in an easy and secure way. Manage your transactions, check your bank statements and many other facilities; all can be done with few clicks. Read on to understand more about the benefits of online banking. Pay Your Bills How do to pay your bills? Do you deposit it by cheques? How about paying it online in a few minutes? Isn’t it fantastic? With online banking, you get access to use the website of the bank and pay your bill on time.…

  • Loan Against Property

    How to Apply for Loan Against Property in Gurgaon

    Remember the Mediterranean cruise you always wanted to go on? Or the destination wedding you always wanted to throw? All these, however, seem far away prospects what with today’s spiralling prices and limited income. You’re stuck in a rut—your daily routine consists of going office from your Gurgaon home and vice versa. But the world doesn’t end like this: you can see your wishes come true thanks to loan against property (LAP). You can get immediate funds through LAP by placing your property as security. Like home loans or personal loans, you need to fulfill certain criteria to be able to eligible for LAP. Read on to know more about…

  • Home Loans

    Subsidised Home Loans Under PMAY – A Relief For Middle-Income Customers

    To promote the idea of affordable ‘housing for all’, the Central Government introduced Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana or PMAY in June 2015. Given the perennial shortage of affordable housing in India, the measure is still rated as a positive step forward towards the resolution of such issues. The ambitious plan was to develop affordable housing under the scheme by 2022. In fact, recent figures show that a lot of progress has been made. In 2015, PMAY was first announced along with a target of building 54.95 Lakh houses by 2019. Around 15% of that number was finished by late 2018. The scope of the program has also been widened. The…

  • Finance Important Repairs

    How to Finance Important Repairs Around Your Home

    No matter how long you live there, your home is likely to need some repairs, replacements and general maintenance performed to remain a beautiful, safe and healthy place to live. Even the most stringent of homeowners face these issues from time to time, so rest assured that this need is quite typical. Still, no homeowner is thrilled at the prospect of spending heaps of their personal funds to repair, renovate and maintain a home. The overall costs can be quite steep, depending on the nature of the work that needs to be performed. At some point, you will need to find a way to pay for it all. We’re here…

  • investment management advisors

    Vital Aspects to Know About Investment Management

    Investment management often termed as financial management is a professional management of various assets and securities such as shares, bonds and real estates in order to meet a specific goal set by the investor. The investors may be any institution, be it insurance companies, charities, pension funds or educational sector or any private investor like mutual funds or exchange traded funds. As a matter of fact, investment management comes with different terms such as asset management and fund management. Asset management refers to the management of collective investments whereas fund management refers to the management of institutional investments for the private investors. These are a one-time investment so make sure…