Why You Should Buy Citric Acid In Bulk For December?

For most people around the globe, December is by far the favorite month of the year. It’s the ultimate holiday season laden with fancy decorations across homes and stores as well as waiting in constant anticipation of the Christmas presents. Surprisingly, all the fun results in a massive mess, which can be combated using citric acid.

So, here are some of the reasons to use citric acid in bulk during December – The Christmas Season.

Ridding Soap Scum

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By the end of November and the entire of December, everyone is busy celebrating. In fact, people tend to take out the time to visit friends and family and stay over at their places to have a jolly time. With that, there comes the need to use soap excessively, and the bathrooms and kitchen spaces tend to have excessive soap scum all over the place. 

Once the visitors head back to their own homes, ridding the floors, walls, and sinks off, the soap scum falls on you. Many testify that by using citric acid products they’ve purchased, one can do a fantastic job cleaning off the abrasive soap scum and stains from hard water. 

Hard Wash The Laundry

Just like we said earlier, more mess leads to more cleaning. You tend to get through many more clothes and bedsheets during Christmas and Thanksgiving naturally because of how often you head out shopping and visiting people. Also, with festive food becoming a norm during this season, sugary stuff is tough to get rid of and hard-pressed stains such as chocolate, coffee, and gooey too. 

That’s where our trusty citric acid comes in handy. In fact, the citric acid you buy online seems to work well as a fabric softener too. This ensures that the pH balance of the detergent you use is balanced. 

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If you stay in an area with hard water being used for daily chores, then using citric acid while doing your laundry seems to be the best way to keep the water pH levels balanced. Give this tip a try, and you’ll be sure to use this tactic throughout the year. 

Use As An All-Purpose Cleaner

Apart from the soap scum-laden areas in the house, the other most dirty spots in houses during the December holiday break are toilet bowls, and visible countertops, etc. You can readily take out some of the citric acid from the purchased citric acid in bulk and make a solution and pour it into a spray bottle. You can spritz this concoction on surfaces and get off the grime and germs from these surfaces. 

This 6:1 ratio of the solution works well to repel dust settling on the surfaces as well. 

Wipe Clean Your Stainless Steel & Copper Utensils

When you have guests over and an already huge family to feed, you tend to skip using ceramic dutch utensils and casseroles and instead use huge stainless steel or copper containers to cook for the lot. These containers used for cooking on the stovetops and the ceramics used to make gingerbread cookies or baked food in the oven tend to get grime-filled and get stained quickly. 

The best way to get rid of these stains and grime is to make use of the acidity from the citric acid products to break down the grime, grease, and oil. Leave it in the pots and pans for some time with hot water and watch the magic happen. 

The Perfect Window Cleaner

The best and cheapest way to address cleaning out the big windows and getting them sparkling before your holiday guests’ arrival is to use citric acid to clean them. In fact, cleaning windows is an expansive task, and recruiting your own kids might be the right way to go about it. Many claim that citric acid is perfectly safe for use around the house, especially around kids. 

These are some of the many ways that you can use citric acid in December. In fact, these reasons should be enough for you to get your first citric acid bulk-purchasing orders going right away. Hurry before you no longer find them in stores, both online and physical ones.

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