4 Customization Secrets Store Owners Use to Create Eye-Catching Acrylic Letters

Running a new-age business isn’t easy. You have to create a fully-functioning website for the business. You’ll also have to set up multiple branded social media accounts. You may even have to re-design your brand’s logo, tagline, and overall image. While all these branding efforts will do your company a lot of good, they won’t guarantee sales or business success.

So, what’s missing? A stellar physical storefront. Until your storefront reflects your brand image, it will be hard to convince target customers to shop at your store. According to industry experts, the era of in-person shopping is back. In the post-pandemic era, people are desperate to return to traditional, in-person shopping.

The Importance of Store Signs 

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Stores that regularly invest in beautifying their physical storefronts are benefiting the most from this renaissance in traditional, in-person shopping. What do savvy store owners do to create immersive & engaging in-store experiences? They use eye-catching acrylic signs and letters. Why? Well, there are many inherent benefits of using customised acrylic letters 

  • These signs are cheap and require minimal maintenance.
  • Acrylic signs and letters can withstand years of use and harsh weather conditions (they’re UV resistant) 
  • Customising acrylic is very easy. It’s one of the easiest materials to mould/cut with precision. So, it’s very easy for store owners to create custom letter signs that display their company names, logos, or mottos.

Your storefront is the first thing your target shoppers will see. So, the signs and letters you install there will directly impact your sales & profitability. Don’t worry – there are various techniques to customise acrylic signs and letters. Here are four customization techniques top store owners use to beautify their storefronts.

1. Finish Type 

The type of finish you choose for your acrylic signs and letters will determine how they look from a distance. Technically, you have three key options in this department – high gloss, semi-gloss, and matte.

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  • High gloss acrylic signs and letters shine a lot so they’re eye-catching from a distance. These signs and letters have the “wet” look that enhances their visibility and brightness.
  • Semi-gloss acrylic signs and letters don’t shine as much so they cost a little less.
  • Matte acrylic signs and letters don’t shine at all. Instead, they look smooth, subtle, and elegant.

High-gloss letters are easier to clean because spotting dirt on their surfaces is easier. Spot them and scrub them off instantly to keep them clean! 

2. Contrast

Remember learning about complementary and contrasting colours in school? Apply the same logic while installing your letters. Make sure they contrast the surfaces on which they’re applied. 

3. Spacing

Never place two letters too close to each other. Measure the areas where the stickers will be installed. Use a pencil to draw temporary spacing and alignment lines on these areas. Install the letters as per these assessments. Make sure the letters aren’t too close or near each other. 

4. Font

Lastly, make sure the font on your acrylic letters is legible. Typically, classic fonts offer the best readability. The font on your custom acrylic signs must match the font used in your branding materials. 

Use this guide while customising your letters. Installing well-designed letters will guarantee that your store receives public attention.

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