Different Sources of Income For A Childcare Center?

Not only when you are running a child care center, maintaining a balanced budget is an important part of the business. A business is most likely to fail if it fails in managing its budget. The money you are making should be more than the money you are spending. You will soon go out of business if you are not good at managing childcare financials.

It takes thorough planning to understand when, where and how much you should spend to make it productive financial decision. You also need a system that makes it easy to read and understand financial planning. You can use a child care center budget template to present this information in a very clear and understandable manner.

It takes money to run a business. Let’s learn about different sources of income a childcare center can depend on to cover its expenses.

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Getting Started

A child care center budget template allows you to keep track of the money you are spending and bringing. The goal of every business is to bring enough money to get profit and cover the cost of running the business. Getting started can be a little tricky. Start with the money you have to spend on storybooks, paying rent and salaries, marketing and everything else.

You have to make some decisions such as:

  • Buying the things you need essentially to run your daycare center.
  • Total number of children you need to enroll to run the business and make a profit.
  • Fee you need to charge to cover your expenses.

If you are careful, you can create and manage your childcare budget without any trouble. Just make some lists and work on the lists line-by-line. Calculate cost per child.

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Most of your income comes from parents sending their kids to your childcare center. So, determine the number of kids must enroll to your childcare so that you can run your childcare center. This is an important calculation. Income in a child care center comes in different ways including:

  • Enrollment fees
  • Administrative fees
  • Grants
  • Fundraising
  • Enrollment Fees

You should keep in mind that parents should be able to afford the enrollment fees you are charging. It should be based on the quality you are offering and the segment of the society you are targeting. There are some factors you need to consider while calculating enrollment fees. These factors are:

  • Your operating budget
  • Enrollment fee your competitors are charging
  • The capacity of your daycare center
  • Teacher/child ratio
  • Any discounts to siblings or children of employees
  • Working hours

Administrative Fees

Don’t go overboard when you are charging administrative fees for additional services. Some of the common administrative fees are:

  • Registration fee
  • Transportation fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Late pickup fee

Charges for essential services should be included in the enrollment fee. Charges for one time and non-essential services should be included in administrative fees.


Grants are good for both parents and child care centers. You can apply for grants offered by local, state or federal government.


We are living in a society that understands the importance of quality education for kids. If you run a fundraising campaign, you get support from the community. Successful fundraising campaigns can help in reducing enrollment fees while offering the same quality. You can organize some events in your area. These events will also serve the purpose of word of mouth marketing.

The amount and consistency of income coming from different sources play an important role in creating a daycare financial plan. When it comes to financial management on a sheet, a child care center budget template can be of great use. These templates come with a lot of formulas to make important calculations.

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