Food Items To Beat The Heat In Summer While Staying At Home

The current situation of the pandemic is something that no one has wondered about. So many reasons can be outlined for whatever is happening, but there is no benefit in doing that. 

Anger of the masses towards lockdown is natural, but it is the most vital tool that the government can apply to break the chain. And as the summer is also here, it is much better to stay inside. 

The previous lockdown has taught us all the importance of spending time with family, so while you are following the guidelines, try to have fun and memorable moments with your family members. 

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Summers can never pass without you enjoying a food item that is sure to help you beat the heat. While you will be staying inside, the heat won’t trouble you, but the high temperature can. 

So, let’s have a look at some food items that are perfect for summer.


Ice Cream – Not mentioning Ice cream while talking about the summer foods is a sin. Well, Ice Cream is such a refreshing and tasty food that millions around the world consume it, even in the winters. And ice cream fits the budget of everyone. There are so many flavours to enjoy, and the brands keep inventing something new every summer. One can also have ice cream from brands that prepare ice creams from natural ingredients only. Preparing ice cream at home is also a quick and easy process. Flavouring the milk with milkshake powder and then pouring it into an ice cream mould and then freezing it in the refrigerator is the simplest way to prepare ice cream at home.


Fruit Cakes – You might never read or come across cakes as summer food items ever again in your life, but we know the pleasure, and we will make you believe it. Fruits like mango, pineapple, and blueberry are good to be consumed in summer but combining them with the baked sweetness of cakes is just a treat to the taste buds. If you know the art of baking, then you can also try baking refreshing fruit cakes at your home. If you don’t have to go through the hassle but still want to beat the heat with baked fruity sweetness, then you can try Bakingo’s cakes in Hyderabad or wherever you live. Don’t just have the fruit on top of the cakes but also infuse the fruit puree between the layers of whipped cream and baked dough. 


Chilled Drinks – Well, this one is not specifically an item but a category that includes many different types of chilled and refreshing drinks to deal with the heat during the summers. Jal Jeera, Lime Soda, Rasna, Roohafza, Ice Tea Mocktail, Orange & Basil Pimms, Grilled Pineapple Mojitos, and Coconut Water are a few of the many possible drinks that one can have during summer. And most of the drinks that we have mentioned here are easy to make, and you can easily find recipes on Youtube. And if you need a quick heal from the heat, then you always have the option of cold drinks like Dew, Limca, and Pepsi. 


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Shakes – You surely are thinking why we didn’t include shakes in the drinks, and you are absolutely right to question that. But, being food lovers, we think that shakes a different sense of freshness and deliciousness to them, which keeps them apart from other types of drinks. And the variety is so vast that you might not be able to drink all types of shakes within a single summer. If you go to a cafe or restaurant, then you have the luxury of trying different types of shakes which require some great skills to prepare. But as we all should stay inside our homes, you can prepare mange shakes, chocolate shake, banana shake, and ice cream shake within a few minutes with very little effort. 


The list can go so long that we won’t be able to include everything, and you won’t be able to read till last. But we have tried to include the most loved food items for summers which won’t take much of your time to get prepared.

So, beat the heat and the virus too!

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