How I can get rid of Anal Fistula in Delhi by Experienced Doctors

Life has so many beautiful things to offer, but it is only when people are healthy that they can enjoy the beauty of life.Diseases do not have to be life-threatening for you to be worried about them. If there is prolonged suffering that stops you from focusing on other tasks in your life, it should be attended to by the best doctors. Fortunately, most anal fistulas are not threatening, but it is imperative to seek medical advice if the problems persist.

Many experienced doctors are specializing in anal surgeries that are available in the Indian national capital. So, how can I get an anal fistula in Delhi should be easy to answer.

Anal fistula

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An anal fistula is an occurrence of a track like structure that begins at the colon canal and opens near the outer opening of the anus. It is not always a serious problem though it can cause plenty of discomfort. Sometimes anal fistulas may result in bleeding and moderate pain while defecating, depending upon the case’s severity.

The most common reason for the occurrence of a fistula in the anal canal is a post-surgery consequence of draining an abscess.

Abscesses can form inside the lower end of a human digestive tract due to many reasons like internal organs’ trauma, inflammation of tissues, or abnormal growth of bacteria. More often than not, such abscesses run a risk of developing pus inside them. It can further complicate the situation. Thus, it becomes necessary to drain the pus.

The other reasons for the formation of a fistula include diseases of the colon channel. Such diseases like Colitis, Crohn’s disease, chronic diarrhea, or Radiation treatment for rectal cancer can result in the patient developing an anal fistula.

Common symptoms indicating an anal fistula:

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Sometimes the symptoms of an anal fistula and an anal abscess can mimic each other, making it difficult for the person to differentiate between the two. It is necessary to look for the following symptoms if you feel discomfort in bowel movement:

  • Recurring pain or swelling near or around the anus area
  • A slight or high fever along with chills
  • Feeling blue and drained of energy
  • Abnormal looking skin around the anus that can feel itchy and sore to touch
  • Liquid-like drainage near the outer skin of the anus

Treatment and diagnosis of anal fistula:

With the advancement of technology in medicine and the medical field, the diagnosis and treatment of deadly diseases have become comparatively easier in contemporary times. Multi-specialty hospitals and even dedicated surgeons clinics in Delhi are fully equipped to provide the best anal fistula treatment. A simple google search of How I can get rid of anal fistula in Delhi would lead you to a string of relevant results. And since there are many methodologies employed by different doctors for treatment, one can compare and choose the one best.

For the diagnosis of a possible case of anal fistula, doctors generally use methods like:

  • Detailed inquiry about the symptoms experienced by the patient and their medical history.
  • Physical examination of the area around the anus for signs of soreness or presence or pus etc.
  • Use of a fistula probe to make out the exact path of the fistula. This process includes using a fine probe of long length and a special dye to be entered through the fistula’s outer, visible opening and examine where it comes out in the tract.
  • Using an anoscope to examine the anal canal
  • Through imaging techniques like an ultrasound of the affected area or an MRI scan. The process entailed by this method is useful because it is painless and effective for diagnose

Treatment methods for anal fistula:

Most cases of anal fistula can be detected in the early stages. It means they do not necessarily require treatment and might heal on their own. The preliminary stages of an anal fistula are not complicated, and with some precautions and home remedies, they can heal timely. But if the problem is not detected early on, a full medical treatment becomes crucial.

Surgery is used as the last resort to get rid of an anal fistula, and the patient may require special monitoring after successful surgery to ensure complete recovery.

The most effective treatment methodologies for anal fistula as used by the specialists are:

  • Fistulotomy:This is a quick method and is generally useful in the early stages. In this process, the doctor surgically opens the fistula to facilitate an inside out healing of the track. Patients can go home the same day as this process does not take much time. Although proper precautions afterward are necessary.
  • Plugging the fistula:This method is useful in cases where Fistulotomy is not an option. The surgeon blocks the track’s inner opening and then proceeds to fill the fistula with a special liquid that can be absorbed by the human body. The healing takes place gradually.
  • Seton placement:In this method, a rubber band-like structure (also called the Seton) is placed in the fistula and tightened progressively. The part behind the rubber band heals over time.
  • Minimal Invasive Fistula Treatment (MAFT): This is the recent innovative method to tackle an anal fistula. It is a laparoscopic technique and is highly recommended by doctors in complex cases. It uses a fistuloscope aided with video assistance technology to look inside the fistula and treat it accordingly carefully.

The surgical procedures available as options to someone searching for an answer to the question of How I can get rid of Anal Fistula in Delhi are multiple and varied. It is advisable to weigh in the pros and cons of each procedure and read the reviews of a particular surgeon before deciding upon which treatment would work for you best.

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