How to impress your customers and keep them for longer?

If you’re a business owner, you will understand how tough it is to constantly try and stand out among the crowd.


Every business wants to do something unique to attract customers, but how many of them are actually able to turn potential clients into sure ones?

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If you really wish to do something unique, impressing your customers should be your number one priority.


In fact, 89% of customers have said that they are more likely to buy again from a brand that previously offered them a positive customer experience.


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So, here are some tips and tricks to impress your customers and make them stick around for a long time!


  1. Answer their queries truthfully

No matter how often a customer has shopped from you, they might still have a few questions here and there, especially if you launch a new product.


You need to convey the message that your company is approachable and open to answering all kinds of doubts.


Hire an efficient customer query team that will stay online to solve even the smallest of problems. Install an AI-powered chatbot so that even when the team is offline, your customers can always get help!


Sometimes, you can even ask the customer care team to forward the query to you. Provide proper support to all the stages, right from looking at interesting products from your store to after-purchase queries like return policies.


  1. Hand out digital business cards

Every business hands out business cards to make their companies known to clients. But the problem with paper-based cards is that they’re easy to forget and replace. Clients can simply fold it in the corner of their wallets or even throw it away.


To impress your customers, hand out NFC business cards. These are near-field communication systems embedded in a metal business card.


Not only do NFC cards look classier, but they’re also easy to carry and handle. Whenever the receiver taps the NFC chip on their smartphone, they can be redirected to your website. Moreover, NFC business cards are more eco-friendly and sustainable.


  1. Provide perks for loyal customers

Customers do know that you care for them, but even then, they want to be seen as human beings and not just as another sale.


This is why you must provide loyalty points or other perks to customers who have shopped from you.


Even if you don’t have an official loyalty program, offer a 5 or 10-per cent discount to all your existing customers and write a thank-you note in the email along with the discount code.


Alternatively, you can also give them a BOGO offer when you launch a new product as a token of appreciation.


No matter what steps you take, it will make your customers feel valued and recognized, something which many brands don’t do.


  1. Don’t keep them waiting

Probably the one thing that every customer hates is to wait indefinitely. In fact, if you’re a customer of a certain company and they kept you waiting for hours, you would also feel annoyed, wouldn’t you?


While dealing with customers, you and your team will have to be spontaneous and prompt. For example, you can ask every customer to wait for a few seconds or a maximum of one or two minutes but never cross that time period.


This is especially true for online customer care services and online transactions. You can even try to promote other forms of communication, such as live chat or social media.


If your clients get immediate responses, they’ll surely be impressed.


  1. Be polite and professional

You must be polite and professional if you’re meeting a potential client or even one of your biggest customers.


Maintain eye contact, smile politely, and start the conversation by initiating a firm handshake.


You must also remember the clothes you’ll wear to the meeting. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that will not leave a great impression on a client.


You have to appear professional, and only then will the client be interested in what you have to say.


After your conversation is over, smile again and thank them for their time. These little gestures go a long way in keeping your brand in a customer’s mind.


Over to you…

These are some basic tips and tricks you should ensure while communicating with your customers.


If you show them that your brand truly cares for them, you’re bound to make a name for yourself very soon!

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