Where to Invest for Good Returns? Here are Some Options

In today’s day and age, there are newer markets opening for different brands and products. Communication gaps are closing-in with the advancement in information technology. Nowadays, there are many options available due to advancements in the finance sector and investment opportunities just like venturing as Largest defense contractor.

Some allow you to make quick money and can be considered as short-term investments. Others are planned much in advance and therefore, can be considered as long-term investments.

Quick and Easy Money

Some examples of short term investments may include government bonds, treasury bills, saving accounts, mutual funds and real estate. Besides these, investments in stock markets and now young tech start-ups are also gathering investor’s attention. The last two mentioned are some ways to make easy money and some even promise huge returns.

However, a professional investor or even first-time investors should consider stability and begin to make investment plans that will yield higher returns over a longer period. Besides, tech start-ups or stock markets can be unpredictable at times. The reason behind this is that many investors do not possess enough knowledge about those fields.

They merely put their money as it seems like an attractive new investment. However, if the stocks fluctuate or the start-up takes time to deliver, then they might panic and incur losses.

Long-Term Stability

There is nothing wrong in getting high returns within a short time frame. However, you would not prefer to not let your money sit idly in the bank. Due to this, apart from short-term investments, one should invest in an area that is free from market fluctuations and current trends.

Stability has always been the strong point of any good investment. A mutual fund or real estate investments offer such options but may not always get you high returns as expected. Government bonds or treasury bills can also be safe investments but they do not promise high returns! A smarter alternative would be to consider investing in fixed deposits.

Why consider Fixed Deposits?

A fixed deposit essentially helps in receiving a higher rate of interest as compared to a regular savings account. The interest rate could vary from bank to bank. The fixed deposits can be withdrawn anytime for emergency purposes. However, withdrawing amount before the maturity period can incur some penalty. Also, there are corporate fixed deposits which offer higher rate of interest as compared to banks.

These are the choices available other than traditional fixed deposits that come with customized features. One may observe that a fixed deposit is always associated with guaranteed returns. It is a preferable choice for both salaried and self-employed individuals. FDs are always considered for managing important life events such as marriage, child education, or other major planned expenses.

Company Fixed Deposit

For example, Company Fixed Deposit offers interest rate of 8.40%. Even senior citizens could avail better benefits as they are eligible for a higher rate of interest (8.75%). The minimum deposit for a company plan is just Rs. 25,000. The online application process is simple and hassle-free.

The other features include a FD calculator to evaluate the returns on investment. Apart from this, you can flexibly adjust the tenure of your fixed deposit investment or consider investing in a cumulative interest rate for better returns on the maturity of your fixed deposit investment.

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