Making Chores Fun For The Kids

Do your kids moan and whinge every time you ask them to help out around the house?  Chores can seem boring to children, but it is great for them to learn future life skills while they are young and they can also teach your children discipline. Here at Premium Clean we aim to help you with all your cleaning needs and we have compiled the below tips to help chores become fun and fulfilling for your children.  

  1. Take a photo of a messy room and circle the items that you want the child to tidy away. When they have done this, they can take a new photo and compare the two to make sure everything is done. Kids love technology and this is a great way to combine fun and chores.
  2. Blast up the music and have a sing and dance while they tidy away their toys or water the plants.
  3. Do the chores together! It can be a nice way to spend some time together, you can sit and pair socks together, empty the dishwasher together or they can sweep the floor while you clean the kitchen worktops. You can chat or play a game like ‘I went to the shop and bought’ and the chores will be done in no time. 
  4. Reward the children – for younger children you can reward them small sweets per chore, or you can tell them that if they help you, you will spend half hour playing their favourite game with them or reading or watching their favourite TV programme together. For older children you could try pocket money or a promise of a visit to their favourite restaurant or activity, if they complete all their chores well, for the month.
  5. Give the children an option of what they would like to do i.e. would you like to hoover or pair the socks today? Or you can write down the jobs that need to be done on different coloured pieces of paper and ask each child to choose one (like drawing straws).
  6. Make a chart! There is nothing more satisfying than ticking off your list of jobs and a sticker chart is a great way for children to feel this satisfaction and a sticker can go a long way for younger children.

Sometimes none of us feel like doing chores and children have off days too. Go on easy on them and give them days off. Ensure that you give them lots of praise for helping out and tell them what a great job they done, so that they know how much they appreciate it and are more likely to want to help next time. And remember – the most important thing is that your children have a happy childhood with happy memories.

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