Man Erects Billboard To Help Him Find A Girlfriend To Avoid Being Lonely This Christmas 

The things we do to avoid being lonely.

A man from Texas, USA, ended up erecting a billboard to help him get a girlfriend so he could avoid being lonely this Christmas. 

66-year-old Jim Bays said in the billboard that he wants to find a “good woman”.

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The old man also left his name and phone number on the billboard so women could contact him right away.

In the billboard, he said:

“Wanted: A Good Woman. 50-55ish. For talks and walks and mutual acts of kindness.”

The good thing is that Jim has managed to bag himself at least 5 dates since putting up the billboard in November this year.

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Talking about the billboard, Jim told Austonia:

“It’s not like when you were in high school and it’s easy to meet somebody.  How do you meet somebody that’s on the same page? How do you create the number of accidents that need to happen in order for you to meet somebody that you really mix well with?”

Jim has been married twice and he has 5 kids, despite that, he says he wants a new partner.

The best thing about this is that he now knows what he wants in his next partner.

Talking about what he’s looking in his next partner, he said:

“My first wife, I loved her to death and she loved me too, but we were two generals in the house, two leaders in the house. We were always butting heads because of that. I think my first wife married a boy. She wanted a man but she married a boy.”

Jim said his second marriage failed because he loved working.

He explained:

“I wanted to get them involved in something that taught them how to work hard and get to be good at something. It also took them away from me when I had an opportunity because my projects own me until I’m done. I think what happened was, I got my kids and my wife too busy and then they didn’t have time for me when I had time because they were busy.”

Jim also talked about the billboard ad.

He said: 

“I’m glad that I’ve done it and believe me, it made my knees knock together. I’m thinking about my picture on a billboard knowing full well that I’m going to get a complete range of phone calls.”

Pretty, hilarious right? 

What are your thoughts on Jim placing the billboard ad? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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